Day 250+ No Porm//////Day 0 No M

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Hey guys!

Life has been good! Lots of amazing changes!

I need to stop masturbating again (its has slowly turned into a habit....again), so I decided to update with the forum everyday because it keeps me accountable.

I have a lot of things going on and keeping my sperm ALWAYS gives me a competitive edge....

It's my life hack Smile

see you guys tomorrow


day 1 no mo

Lmbooofff marnia, I missed u lol

Pretty good day

Can't wait to get my full swag back on. Then all these cool manisfestations come about Smile

Tryna stop another habit...smoking...failed today lol.. but ima definitly stop...that was my last time...ill start the counter tomorrow

Yea, I still haven't stated

Yea, I still haven't stated exercising lol I'm so disappointed in myself, I'm going to start boxing classes once I'm get everything together lol. Man do I miss this site. I started getting hot and heated so I hopped into the site...and then I...remembered.........

Day 3

Interesting day. I didn't have a care in the world today. all my coworkers seemed to feel my vibe and kept a distance from me.they wouldn't make eye contact with me. Most of them ignored me completely. I think I was shining too brightly around them. I have to remember to cap myself. Good day for me though. Really chill. I also have that heavy feeling in my testes. Im powering up....round 2 Smile


About four days ago I slept with a girl. I was going to keep the counter going.

I just saw her and we foreplayed for like an hour straight. We didn't have sex. This left me with blue balls. after she left I tricked myself by pretending I slept with her and masturbated.

I am going to start over and this time I am going to go 90 days. I am very disappointed with myself and it has made me re evaluate my current priorities. I need some time to myself again and plan on staying away from women for a while.