Day 30, 40 something

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hey guys

quick update

being doing good, no relapses, no Os

im getting to that really nice calm again where you feel like everything in life is in your control. best feeling in the world

been crazy horny lately. i'm hungry

still no girlfriend or any prospects at all. i had 1 a few months back, but all this life stuff happened to her and she tried to reconnect, i didnt care at the time, moved on to a different set of girls. now going though a voluntary dry season.

still getting my life together and pursuing my career

my career is 1st priority to me right now. no questions about it. FOCUSED.

i am enjoying the hungryness and the increased attention.

i walk around and get the stares. why are they staring at me? o yea, im not masturbating and i havent busted a nut in forever

the calm confidence is awesome though. fcking love it. starting gym session tomorrow.

just feeling really good right now and really confident so i just wanted to share.