Day 38-no mo

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Hey guys, just checking in, still holding strong

Will make a full update tomorrow.

Something is going on, finding it hard to express this feeling, but its very good....a shift in my life?

Shoutout out to treehouse and docmusic!

Hope u guys r holding up!!!!


Thanks for the love

Holding up strong... just been so busy with school and getting in better shape that I haven't even had time to think about PMO. Remember to keep the quality of your reboot at max. effort - no "lazy" rebooting for the Alphas - without over analyzing the good that is around you. If you reboot smart, you will spare yourself from rebooting hard. Looking forward to your next entry. Stay vigilant bud!

38 days is really good, be

38 days is really good, be proud :)

At the same time stay alert too. The times where you feel like you're turning into a new and stronger person are risky, you may walk into a relapse without knowing.

Good luck!

All good advice above

Day 44 here. Day 40 was a day from hell, the demon himself came to try to drag me back.

Day 42 had our first real taste of the joy karezza brings. Now she's off overseas for a while and i feel like one half of a whole. I do not know how the single guys do it i really dont. I feel utterly utterly alone.

Look forward to hearing what's up with you too.