Day 43-Hmmm Life is yummy

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Life is just really super good. I feel gooooodddd all the time.

When I don't, I just rub my chest and it goes away.

I get brain fog every once in a while but I rub my chest and it goes away lol.

Things seriously dont bug me anymore and I just feel this super sense of well being!

Everything is working out for the better!

I also notice I have a better connection to God and I pray and meditate on Jesus a lot more.

I get hit on EVERYDAY. One big thing that I notice is that teenage girls always blush around me and older women just outright hit on me.

I was at the gas station today asking for directions and this 40-something year old in so many words invited me back to her place. I couldnt believe it. I always wanted to be "that guy" but it's like I don't even care for it.

I am honestly enjoying this time for myself Smile

The girls my age just stare at me. They just stare or they just ignore me. So this is what its like when hot girls in the mall get attention. They are so hot but you feel like they are out of your league. But when you actually meet one and talk to them, you realize they are super cool. I've always wondered what it would feel like to be attractive and by golly, I am finally attractive. It took 20 something years and for me to happen to stumble on a forum where someone posted a link to this site and Wow, what a world changer.

Believe it or not, there is this humility that is growing within me. I am just so humble and meek. I always bite my tongue a lot more. I think like 20 sentences ahead. But yea. This is just a humbling experienced. I just feel so HUMBLED. Very humbled.....

I need to rationally figure out why there is more attraction to me. I've asked Marnia this on my last reboot and she said it was because our dopamine levels are rebalnced and also our reward center but stilllll......there is more to this. I cannot explain it. This pheromone is just being released out in the air. Some very potent stuff. I will make a large pst with all the research that I find but if anyone stumbles across something or any theories let me know. My logical mind must figure this out....there is just something so....i dont even know what to say.......

magical Smile


I woke up feeling the same

I woke up feeling the same way this morning. I was trying to figure out why I looked so much more symmetrical and my forehead looked so much more soft. My mannerisms toward others have definitely also softened, even though I'm living life in a more "bull by the horns" way. Today the horns just got to me a little too much. But, you live and learn.

Same here

I feel fantastic. Girls are coming up to talk to me and laughing at my jokes, and I don't feel that anxiety when they do. I get smiles and stares all up and down the streets.

I am seeing one girl that I am crazy about and I think she digs me quite a bit as well. Life is great and I'm glad to hear you guys are feeling it too!!