Day 49-Life just keeps getting better

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Hey guys,

everything is going well. i feel great. relaxed, confident, a supreme knowing that everything will work out...even better than my expectations Smile

my skin looks amazing, i am visibly glowing, i naturally stand taller, my voice sounds amazing, i feel like a genius, my talking skills have improved by a long shot, people are a million times nicer to me, i handle my emotions a kajillion times better.

there is really no words to describe how i feel. AND I AM ONLY ON DAY 49!!!!! It gets better than this?!!??!?!?!

i wouldn't change this experience for anything Smile

women are crushing on me hard. they are just in awe of my existence lol. everytime i am around women, they get nervous, they squirm, they glance, they look away, they let their guard down, they relax, they give me the deer-in-the-headlights look, or the classic doggy-bowl look. i promise you, i am not that good looking (maybe i am?). however, i feel like i am the hottest guy around. bask in my ambiance world lol. the catch 22 of this: even though i am gaining so much confidence, I FEEL SO HUMBLE. i feel incredibly meek.

guess thats what happens when you are holding a month and half of sperm in ya testes lol.

the best part is i dont want any of them. my first reboot goal=get women. 2nd reboot goal=find better quality women.

they all are amazing women, dont get me wrong.

before, i would take anything that was handed to me. now, i am a lot more picky. i want a queen. i want a beautiful, self-confident, strong but humble woman.

i have to start socializing more and i have to start weight training soon also.

in conclusion,

no PMO=GREATEST life hack ever.

life is good, God is good, prosperity and abundance for all.




really enjoy your posts and so great to hear your results so far.

You'll know her when you find her but I do think that the "compatibility" test is better than the "chemistry" test. It's something that I am fortunate enough to have stumbled on and count myself so lucky that way.

it's funny

It really is funny how the more confident we get, the more humble we get. I did read that book the six pillars of self esteem, and living consciously was a big catalyst for self esteem along with being centered in reality. When we're always high on PMO, we may think we're confident because everything bad is numbed, but we were never really centered in the reality of ourselves. The biggest facade of confidence is a huge ego.

very tru cap

very tru cap

"When we're always high on PMO, we may think we're confident because everything bad is numbed, but we were never really centered in the reality of ourselves."

i cant even remember those days anymore, i feel like i was severely stupid and severely handicapped. thank God for the work He has done in us.

thank you.

thank you.

it is true what you said about the addictions: i have completely stopped smoking also. it just broke off by itself (with the help of God of course).

this is just adds to a complete package of an awesome male figure.