Day 68

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I think I am finally getting used to life without orgasm. Its pretty sweet over here.

Landed a pretty cool job.

Really strong sense of wellbeing.

I used to laugh at people when they became angry. Now, I laugh at myself when I get angry. It's so pointless. As soon as I start, I hear my myself and start laughing because it is becoming out of character for me.

The power of now? Alpha male awesomeness? Yes, its thats liberating and awesome.

I can definitely tell when a guy watches porn now. They look like old me. Shame all over there face. Bags under eyes. Some of them try to be passive aggressive against you. Little grabs of power. Some of the are very twitchy around me. They can't make eye contact with me. They are hiding a secret. I want to tell them to stop. I will once I build some good rapport. Men all over the world need to know about this.

People at my new job can tell something is different about me. There is a split second where they kind of try to process something. They just know something is different.

I really like myself. I look in the mirror, I am dashingly handsome. Skin is super bright, hair looks thick and full. Bright aura around me.

I'm still not where I want to be. But I rejoice. I am young and taking baby steps towards my goals. There is space and clarity in my mind and in my world.

I can think, I can hear. The clarity is amazing. I have grown leaps and bounds as a man. I am proud of myself.

God is good. Glory to God for real.

20 more days till complete reboot.