Day 6, end of day: ACIM Group night.

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I just finished a course in miracles group of wonderful mature guys. We sat around sharing from th heart about our week and I said

"They say we have a God-shaped hole in us; but do we have a relationship/shaped hole too?"

Their answers were most enlightening. We have a bonding shaped brain, yes; but we don't have a single model of what that looks like. Wife-and-three-kids is only one way that looks like. There are others.

Profound and simple! I especially loved giving my brothers hugs and handshakes as we parted. A special time made more special by my reboot.



I've studied the Workbook for 3 and a half years, and am just coming to the end of the second round of daily lessons.

This group is the second ACIM group I've had. It's quite a privilege to spend time with wise, seasoned, caring elders. Our group had a focus exclusively on the Text, not on other teachings or ideas, which we find helpful. The focus on profound self-forgiveness is a kind of loving therapy I have never elsewhere experienced.

For what it's worth, a solid text-focused teacher is Robert Perry and friends at