In full on obsession

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Here in Australia everyone is half naked in public at this time of year. It's not a problem.

What's a problem is that today I haven't exercised, meditated, or socialised; today I've got involved in a stupid online argument, and isolated from real intimacy, and basically slept, too exhausted to even resist the sense of pressure and emotion and longing. I'm now late to my appointments, feeling guilty, resentful, and having a hard time.

I'm gonna let go, let my buddy know I'm late, call a friend for support, meditate in transit, and review my goals.

I affirm that it's not an option to act on PMO, fetishism, or m2m sex, and I will feel better tomorrow when I get early to gym, and I'm doing great, no matter how I'm feeling.


For me at least, the things I

For me at least, the things I see in the real world don't have the same effect as would porn. I'm not saying to dwell upon the semi-clothed folks down under, but it's sure not the challenge that porn is. Keep up the good work.