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I realise how painfully isolated this condition can make me feel. I affirm that I am connected, I am safe and welcome, I am enough in every way, and I am learning a new and waaay better way.

Normally after work I'd go and get some sleazy sex. Insteaf, im going to socialise, meditate, exercise, and attend a spiritual group.

Today I'm catching up with a young gay fella for lunch that looks up to me as a mentor. Guys got no idea what I'm going thru, or even of my past male to male sexusl history, and I'm not gonna tell him.

I'm finding eating and cleaning and sleeping stably a trial. Tonight I'm getting into that stuff! I'm feel motivated by this constant anxiety! I'm mad as hell at this condition and committed to set it straight.



It took many years to forge those problematic brain pathways and strengthen them to the point where they took over. It'll take some time to turn things around too.

Breathe. Play with one of the meditation techniques. Or the hypno recording. Both linked to from this page: