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Day 6 no PMO - Flatline?

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From what I read it seems like post people begin to flatline in their second week of no PMO. Well, I think mine may have begun today.

I had no morning wood today, nor did I have it yesterday. All day I've felt like my penis is lifeless. I have no urge to masturbate, no urge to look at porn, and zero libido. Usually throughout the day I feel an attraction when I see a beautiful woman, but today...nothing at all.

No PMO - Day 4

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Well, I'm beginning my fourth day of being PMO free and decided to start posting on here. Before I begin, I probably should give you my background.

I'm a healthy, physically fit, attractive (not being cocky at all) 30 year old man. I've been masturbating to porn since I was 13 years old. It started out with me stealing porn magazines as a kid, and progressed into internet porn. Basically, I've been masturbating to hardcore porn since probably around 14 or 15...I never cared much for the soft stuff.