First meditation and need some help

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I’m trying to learn to meditate and could use some pointers from people with experience. I did a survey on a website that showed me which Chakras I needed to focus on. It also said they were all open but my crown was (under-active) and that my root and Sacral were open but only 19% at the moment.

I then explored youtube and found some basic Vids about how to focus on the colors. I attempted my first root meditation and I believe I felt the energy in me as it pushed and pulled a little, which made my stomach go in as a reaction. I continued to breathe and the Red color I was focused on got a bit more clear within my focus.

I just past my reboot with Karezza only a few days ago and still not sure what I’m doing there but I’m jumping in with both feet to make this whole life change work.

Should I start at the root or since my crown isn’t totally active should I start at the top? Is there an order of development? Any help would be appreciated (tips, tricks, starting points, exercise..etc)


my take on meditation

I like to focus on my root, the perineum, with my focus on that area. But you can focus on anything. The act of focusing, then bringing your mind gently back to the focus when it wanders, is to me all there is to meditation. I think it's really, really simple.

It's the act of bringing your mind gently back to the focus that is actually where the benefits come in. This helps you focus any time, on anything. I suspect it helps remold your brain in a positive way.

I know there are lots of complicated ideas about meditation but that's what I have found. You can do this when you walk...focus on feeling your legs move, and gently bring your focus back when your mind wanders. You can focus on a sound in your head (mantra), or anything else.



I've found

breathing is quite important. A few minutes of deeper, fairly short (but not too short) breaths will alter your consciousness and make it easier to focus.

There are lots of tips and tricks but meditation is a lifelong process. The most important thing is to try, try, try, and try again. Eventually things start to click.

I've heard

[quote=BorderlineIQ]Through the noise out the mouth or all noise?[/quote]

I've heard in through the nose and out through the mouth helps to balance the hemispheres of the brain so I try to do it that way when I begin. Once I start getting relaxed I usually breathe all through the nose because I find the extra effort to keep my mouth open a little distracting.

What about Karezza Sex

Thinking about Karezza and energy transfers, I have to ask...Do you meditate during Karezza sex? If so, are you focused on your Sacral and the color orange to feel the energy? OR is it just a natural feeling that comes?

15min wow

I pulled up a youtube video that has sound and images to help you focus on the 3rd eye. I have a GREAT speaker system and relaxed on the floor in the center of the room for a 15min video. At one moment I was focused on what you said about nose (not noise lol) out the mouth and another min I thought I was suppose to inhale and my body was exhaling. Then I seemed to really relax so much that the sound made me feel that I was floating and spinning around for a moment. I had to open my eyes to verify that something crazy wasn't going on with me. lol kind of freaked me out ...At the end the video stopped and I was so relaxed that I laid there for 3-4min without being able to move. Once I got up and started moving around and thinking about making some dinner, I felt my stomach pull in and my legs got a bit weak and shacky, almost like I just had a massive big O or something.

I will try this again, but I need to move a bit slower as this was a crazy 15min for sure....


Since this was my second time trying meditation and the first full one I did I can’t say. Actually, being new to all this I had to look up Kundalini and per the Wikipedia page it sounds like I had an Unpreparedness Kundalini as I experienced some of the effects listed on the page.

I have to say, it just freaked me out. The Big O feeling was like 45min after I finished. I was standing in my kitchen and it lasted about 15min give or take. Since then it’s been all I can think about, almost obsessed with the idea. I’d love to try it again but for what I’m reading, most people only get to this level with an instructor, which makes me pause.

My grandmother and I have always had some level of clairvoyance. I have some examples that are a bit out there that I’d rather not share in open text. Having been reading about the third eye and what it does, I believe it’s possible that I’m a bit sensitive to this type of meditation. To be honest, I’m not sure what to think or if I should even do it again.

Sounds exciting

If I remember correctly, there is much you can do to prepare yourself and get well grounded. So maybe don't try again unless you've done a lot of reading and preparation first.

I'm also of a view that having a partner is a way to stabilize the energy and avoid some of the side effects of too much energy released in an unstable situation. I once read that kundalini techniques were only for monks sworn to celibacy. (Even classic sexual tantra was a rare ritual for otherwise celibate practitioners, not really a practice for ongoing couples.)

In contrast, I believe that, together, lovers can allow the energy to move up in a gentler, more stable fashion. But I'm no kundalini expert. It hasn't been my goal this lifetime. Wink


I agree with you about doing it as a couple. However, My wife travels M-F every few weeks, which makes it hard to connect as muh as I would like. The day after my reboot (14days) was completed ,she had to fly off so I looked at meditation to curve the energy or hunger that I was feeling. She flew in last night for the holiday and I mentioned it to her that I was trying meditation, but it was a short lived chat as she was tired. I'll bring it back up this weekend and see if I can get her on board with some of the basics

I'm learning and practicing meditation focused on my Root and Sacral for now. I'll leave the third eye along until I feel more in control of the flow of energy. Just this morning I did 10min focused on my root and I can relax myself and really focus on the red root. The energy flow up and down my spin is amazing. Next week I want to try and control the energy and where it goes.

Either meditation is very easy to do or I'm very accessible to it. I'll keep you posted...thanks again!