What is next ?

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Today is my 20th day and since I've been home along all week I've been very tempted. Two nights ago right before I was heading to bed something clicked in my head telling me to MO and do it now! I found myself standing next to my bed in silence for 10min trying to talk my mind down from it's ever growing hunger. I regained control but it wasn't easy. Let's just say I didn't sleep well that night. Hell, I haven't had enough focus to even work this week, which has to change as I need to make some money. I started trying to mediate the other day and it's helped take the edge off a little at a time, but i'm just learning and it's only a short term fix for right now.

Does it get easier after an amount of time or is this urge something I need to learn to deal with moving forward? What about when I hit 60 or 90 days? I've been reading some guys will get erection issues and/or become super sensitive. Can someone tell me what's next ...



It's a bit different for everyone

However, I can tell you that entertaining the thought of doing porn always makes things worse because it gets your dopamine (anticipation) going.

That's why guys find these kinds of techniques very useful. The instant the thought starts to form, you apply them.