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In the City

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I live a rather insular rural life. At home I am involved with my wife, and in town I always see someone I know.
Monday and Tuesday I was alone and anonymous in the city. The temptations abound. 96 degree heat and the college girls aren't wearing much clothes. The working women are looking really smart in their suits. So many interesting people on the tram. Will she look?
Complimentary cocktails at the hotel. Who's at the bar?
Lonely boredom. Who's alone? staying the night?
Cable TV and broadband internet...just keep clicking.


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Dedicated to hotspring[quote] Ariadne

This story
Every bit of it is true.

We had an agreement
A Truce
The tiny black spider and I.
She could have her dark niche,
Near the head of my bed.
But come no closer.

At night
When I came to my solitary bed,
I would see her from time to time
sometimes retreating from the light
sometimes not
Never in the daytime.

As her strong web expanded into my space
I would destroy it,
So she might safely retreat.

Then I wouldn't see her for awhile
It's been awhile.

Last night she revealed herself
In her full glory.

No Charge

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Anne Lamott:[quote]Do you want the hit or do you want serenity?[/quote]
Two weekends have passed without our agreed upon sex date. I hate to admit that it's kind of OK. It's OK to acknowledge that it's not right for us now. Other circumstances of have gotten in the way. I don't have to enforce or force the issue. I can trust that when the time is right we will do what we need to do to make it happen.....scary stuff to give up my ideas of control and manipulation.

2 Months Day 3

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So often, for so many years (y'all know how many...let's say it together....30 years!) my spontaneous touch has had the quality of a grope. Now, that's my wife's first impression and reaction to my touch. I'm going to have to get smart...oops, that's frequently been my downfall...you know figuring it out, manipulating to get the response I want. Nope. I need to get loving. I'll get smart about Morita's challenge of 5 daily acts of loving kindness.
I was so loving and open without expectation when I started on this path. I can get back to it.

Oxytocin Junkie

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New Thread Old Stuff
1 Month 10 Days 2 days post some sweeeeet karezza
Marnia wrote from The Honeymoon is Over:
[quote]Now, perhaps, you see why I was so excited when three things happened:
1. My husband, who had been a closet alcoholic for the 12 years before we got together...and was getting worse...QUIT drinking within four months of beginning this karezza practice,
2. Soon after that I found that Lao Tzu (Hua Hu Ching) had recorded that "angelic dual cultivation" (gentle lovemaking without orgasm) "reduced cravings" (and improved health and harmony), and

Ding Dong....

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the witch is dead
Which old witch?
The Wicked Witch!
Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead!
Bye Bye Bush
The next time I see that smirking face I want it to be at the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague
Many Blessings on us all

The honeymoon is over-WARNING, explicit

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....it's been a wonderful 18 days. We did it. We had intercourse (I've been wondering/afraid) and I didn't cum.
I'd been feeling peevish most of the day. We had that near fight Saturday night....slept it off. I sought and got sexual hugs but a bad taste lingered. I was in my usual "I need to be fucked and you're not showing up" mood/depression. So old, so familiar, so disappointing. We talked about it, joked about it, but I couldn't shake it. I followed her like a whupped dog, waiting, silently begging...so fuckin' needy....so attractive.

Day 18

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Still no O this year...no intercourse either. That will be a real challenge and it will come (not me) when it comes. I am so happy with the sex we are having and the renewed love we are feeling. I have been so much less irritable this year. A 30 year marriage leaves lots patterns and pathways to irritation. I'd rather smile....it is kind of goofy. So last night I pushed my wife's buttons big time....got into some ooooold stuff. The potential for a good familiar fight was brewing. And I tell you the truth, I didn't buy into it. I wasn't frightened and I wasn't defensive.


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The National Cheerleaders for Orgasm (Oprah and Dr. Laura Berman) are doing a webcast TODAY! at 8 PM central time. I don't have the technology to participate. I would really like the Reuniting point of view expressed on that show. See posts below at Oprah and Dr. Berman or go to Oprah.com relationships sex
Would somebody please step up to this opportunity?
Much Love