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I had a fellow I know from work offer a healing touch session to me. He's training and needs practice clients. This is this first local guy I've met who shows an interest in sharing a healing form of touch with another man. It's an important break for me. It helps me get out of the sexualized routine that is so strong here and still get some support with the childhood nurturing I crave. Men typically don't provide this kind of support to other men which leaves us isolated and left to our own devices, or women (which often has to be paid to helpful). Hopefully his interest will be sustained and morph into sharing trades. I haven't found women around here who share my interest in healing in any kind of practical way at the depth I seek it. They are into staying together (relationship) and/or making babies. Both of these are reproductive drives and have little or nothing to do with Love or Healing in my understanding. I have nothing against staying together, but if the quality of the connection is low (which is typical around here), then what's the point? Continuing to overpopulate the planet and add to the frustration and fear? That's not my path.

I'm still too unhealthy to travel but I'm working on it and making steady progress.