A crack in the ice.

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Four years ago, I started a group with a friend which we eventually called "Men for Love". Originally, our mission was to bring some peace to the "Battle of the Sexes". As we were working on our method we settled on "Our Task is not to seek for Love, but to seek and find all the barriers we have built against it within ourselves". We then decided to close it to women and focus on ourselves. This last year, we have been meeting very rarely as my health took a major dive. One of the roots of my health challenges has been my frustration at the lack of clean (non-sexual) forms of healing touch in this community. The group was no exception. It was very touch averse. Guys like to sit around and philosophize.

Last weekend, a couple of the guys came over and asked me what they could do for me. I repeated my often repeated request for healing touch. (We are all trained in Quantum Touch). The conversation wandered and I was beginning to think that my needs would be ignored yet again when one of the guys pushed for it and we actually had a healing touch session and a chanting session. It was very nice and deeply reassuring for me. I'm curious if it will continue.

Just the previous week, I had totally let go of my attachment to this community and was putting my energy into getting strong enough to look for a better place to live. It's strange how when I let go of my attachment to a social system (that strongly resembles the dynamics of my birth family) that things change. Life is paradoxical.

Wish me luck on future events like this one! Smile


Oh well!

Looks like that meeting was a one time thing. It doesn't look its going to repeat itself. Sigh!

On the positive side of things, I was told about a fellow logging on this site who recently arrived in the town where I live. I'm curious to see where that connection will lead. We've been communicating via private message. I took a look at the "Cuddle Party" website (see: http://www.cuddleparty.com/) and am thinking of doing their on-line training. Maybe at some point I'll be able to move to a town that hosts this kind of event. For now, I'm plugging away on my own and grieving alot of time spent with the wrong people.



Thanks Marnia

Hi Marnia,

Yes, that is a possibility. I tend to find that interest here is very low. I did try something along these lines many years ago and it backfired rather badly. Granted, I didn't have the tools to help people deal with the boundary issues that came up. Hopefully the trainings will help that way.

I'm on the burnt out side with this community. I've tried so much (and failed so much). I need to keep my focus on places and people who seem to be having some success. I may travel to these places and find that they are no better than here, but at least it gives me something to look forward to and a way out of my frustration.

Thanks for the idea and for writing.