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I found a couple of interesting articles today reflecting the equality of men and women:

A couple of women beat their male partners when they didn't perform adequately in bed! (see: http://gawker.com/5972693/another-florida-woman-arrested-for-beating-up-...)

A Canadian woman is vying for the highest award amongst sommeliers (people who serve wine in restaurants. Its been traditionally won by men) (see: http://www.sommellerie-internationale.com/en/2012/10/27/a-lady-sommelier...).

It isn't dull at both ends of the spectrum! Smile



Thanks Marnia

It was actually hard to avoid. When I check into my email account, Yahoo! Quebec News comes to the screen before I can actually check it. This particular piece of news was pretty much in my face.

I agree that relationships are a mess. I've retreated a great deal and feel good about doing that. It's a relief, because I feel the strife and usually get drawn into it in very subtle ways. Finding people who share my interest/ need for a realistic love, peace, harmony, friendliness, freedom and healing outside of this website is extremely challenging for me. It seems that Love is a four letter word around here and the ways to support it (the physical and sexual aspects of intimacy) are missing entirely. I've been thinking that those of us who are into healing at this depth need a flag or ear ring like gay people have. Maybe something with a heart on it.

One thing that's been helpful to me recently was piece I found in Osho's book on Compassion. He talked of Love happening in three stages and a very specific order: Self Love first, Love of others second, Love for the whole (or compassion) last. I'm focusing on the self love these days and am turning into a hermit to give my body a break.

Thanks for looking out for me. I'm touched.




I think I have a fairly good idea of what harmony could look like. I've actually lived in communes where harmony at a sexual level existed in a general way. It wasn't quite like everyone was exploring Karezza. It was more like people were exploring where they were at and moving through it to increasingly conscious and loving approaches to intimacy. These were very different cultures from what is generally experienced now. They were also propped up by the love of an extraordinary enlightened being.

I don't think I've ever had the ability to touch a deep level of harmony with a woman in any kind of sustained way. Certainly not depending on my own capacities for intimacy. The wounding of my youth and past lives has been too great.

I currently seem to be a sitting duck for other people's sexual aggression. Perhaps I'll get to explore Karezza some day. For now, I need to explore being really careful and loving with myself even if that means passing up social connections that are connected to work. I seem to be succeeding at this as challenging as it is.