Here's a novel twist on sexual violence.

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Hi Y'all,

What do you think of this? When men are raped: A new study reveals that men are often the victims of sexual assault, and women are often the perpetrators.





Thanks Shannon,

It's kind of the opposite end of the spectrum of what this site is generally about but, on the other hand, if there were no violence, there would be no need for healing either. The subtle forms are often the hardest to see and recover from.

If I had to take my guess at where violence comes from, it would be in expecting/demanding Love from others. There are many ways to do this and some are very subtle. Awareness is crucial to seeing them.

I recently read in an Osho book called "Love, Freedom, Aloneness", that the main sutra in Buddha's Dhammapada is: "Love yourself and watch,.. today, tomorrow..always." It seems to me that finding ways to love myself, overcoming the strong negative programming I have against selfishness, seeing the ways in which my personal well-being is connected to the well being of others and slowly expanding my love out from my body/mind to include others and other kinds of beings is maturity. The many ways I've tried to get the love the newborn in me still craves (and my body needs) is a recipe for frustration at the very least. And that is violence I do to myself.

I woke up a few days ago thinking, "How can I be loving towards myself right now?" It's been quite the experiment.

Thanks for writing.

Love, your friend,