Ingredients to Love

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I picked up a copy of "The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm at the library yesterday. He has some interesting comments about what are essential ingredients to love:

Responsibility (as in the ability to respond)
Respect (as in seeing the other)
Knowledge (of the other)

He described these as a kind of constellation of mutually dependent attitudes. They all need to be present for love to thrive.

I found it intriguing as I pursue a more loving connection with my own body (and perhaps paving the way for better connections with people too). Gaining access to my body wisdom is fairly recent for me. I found a writing technique (The Power of the Other Hand by Lucia Cappachione) that seems to be remarkably helpful.

I found Erich's ideas particularly insightful. I see connections with both Karezza and meditation.

I hope you find them of interest too!