Me and My Anger

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The last week has been a pretty intense journey through anger for me. I decided to hibernate all weekend because of it. I think it was triggered by a couple of very positive events that left me longing for more. It eventually morphed into a generalized hatred of all people. When I was sane enough to see if I could identify my needs they were related to protection from violence and basic support for survival needs.

I've been playing with Louise Hay's affirmations and eventually settled on one that affirmed a willingness to wake up to my True (eternal) Nature. That seemed to help. Then I read an Osho quote about the witness being our eternal nature and realized that it was with me all the time (Well, more accurately, it IS me). All I had to do was simply relax into it and get less caught up in externalities. This eventually led to an affirmation that I'm using now, "I have all I need to fulfill my Life purpose". This was an extraordinarily big relief for me. It wiped out the stress I have related to keeping my body healthy, earning a living, finding a partner in healing, being amongst like minded people etc... So I've been repeating this affirmation and remembering to return to my true self (the witness) as much as I am able. I'm curious where this is going to lead and I'm glad the anger has passed.

Now I'm dealing with my fear of having alot of energy. Again, coming back to the witness seems to help.