Reproductive roles.

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Hi Again!

I had another interesting insight that I want to share with you today. It's related to the different roles men and women play in reproduction.

My friend, the single mom, said something that really struck me the other day. She seemed surprised that I didn't enjoy the (large amount of) work that I had reluctantly taken on to bail her out of a major crisis. It seemed to me that she was surprised that I didn't enjoy participating in her reproductive project (by helping keep her and her child with a roof over their heads and financially solvent). It reminded me of a time, long ago, when I learned that my girlfriend didn't enjoy sex with me so much. It was hard for me to fathom at the time and was immensely saddening because for me, the sex was heaven It was almost incomprehensible to me that it wasn't the same for her. (I wasn't, at the time, aware of Karezza).

I wonder if Nature has hard wired men to enjoy sexual intercourse and women to enjoy child-rearing so that our reproduction is assured? No wonder everything else is so difficult!


there is something to this

I think men are more wired for external "success" and women more wired to ultimately achieve happiness with family "success" but of course that is very fluid.

I think women potentially enjoy intercourse as much as men do, but sex is not rewarding to them because it is really "done" in a male centric cum 'n' done way. So often as women get older, sex falls off the screen altogether and they don't want to "bother" with it. Lots of this going around.

Women's drive can be revived IF she has a partner who can get a clue, and if certain factors are fixed in the relationship. 

I have always had a decent sex life with my wife but it's gotten much better over the past year and a half by far, even though we are both in our 50s. 


Thanks Emerson!

Good to know there is hope!

I do know that there is a wide range to what individuals like. I know many fine men who thoroughly enjoy raising children. Some of the best medical nurses I've ever known were men.

Thanks for your comment Smile

Yes, moms

naturally project their priorities onto the world around them - and believe the world must share their priorities. Can't easily be helped.Sad

It's very kind of you to help.

Thanks Marnia

I suppose it is kind of me. I often take that as simply normal and resist the "hero" label that some people try to put on me. I'm mostly surprised and angered at how people can walk away. This particular situation is forcing me to face an enormous amount of past pain in myself.