Visual support(s) for Oxytocin?

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I've been having some thoughts recently as I continue to heal myself. One thing that I've noticed, is that when get afraid my attraction to on-line sexual stimulation becomes much stronger. Usually I don't fight it, I just put energy into figuring out what is so frightening and once I've figured that out, the urge passes.

Recently, I've been wondering if there is some kind of visual cue for nurturing (i.e. increasing oyxtocin levels) that wouldn't require a partner. Obviously, a partner would be ideal for many reasons and I certainly pursue that when possible, but when those avenues are exhausted I'm wondering if there is a way to visually stimulate the state I'm seeking with a partner on my own (i.e. deeply relaxed, safe, connected, loved, nurtured).

When I let my mind wander in this direction, it produces images that resemble gentle curves and pastel colours. I'm thinking that that might be what a newborn sees when being comforted by his or her mother. Perhaps images like this could help me move towards a healthier hormone profile similarly to what porn does to move me in the opposite direction. I'm also wondering if mandalas and perhaps picture of smiling faces might have this effect.

Any thoughts on what kinds of images might stimulate increased Oxytocin levels and increased health?




Good question Arnold

I've been thinking the same thing for a long time. I did try mandalas for a while but they didn't seem to have much if any effect. Maybe pleasant surroundings (what each individual finds pleasant and relaxing) in general might help, and of course time spent outdoors close to mother nature as you would already know.
I would also like to know what else can help.


some guys swear by "natural grounding."

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Soothing Fantasy

I can't say, but it's something to experiment with. If you find yourself using the images like porn, to jack up dopamine, then, obviously, it's not going to be soothing. But I've heard some good reports from this technique.

Definitely natural beauty, good smells and soothing music all help, just as Sweet Intentions says. Lots of techniques, and often lay articles about theĀ  research related to them, can be found at the bottom of this page:

Both of you may want to check through the list, skipping the ones that aren't relevant.