Day 8

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March is the month I decided to go full out no excuses, no PMO. The first week went by pretty good,day 7 had a m/o relapse(no porn though) and that was my fault due to impaired judgement at the time. Feeling a little cranky today but energetic as well .

I'd like to note that I went back to read the materials on YBOP again and I think i misunderstood how the no PMO process works. For some reason i got the impression that one lapse would decimate all the previous re-wiring from the non pmo days there by rendering the process invalid. But on reading the materials and rebooting accounts again, it seems like a lot of guys stuck with the 60+ days or what not and still noticed eventual improvements despite an occasional relapse. So don't beat yourself up if you lapse maybe once or so a month(but certainly don't use it as an excuse to fall back into the habit)because your brain is still healing and you will get better!