Where's my libido?

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So after my 3-orgasm bender on Sunday I have been feeling pretty shut-down, as I described in my last post. And my libido has been pretty much nonexistent. It's been a full four days now, and I'm still feeling pretty blah. When my girlfriend touches me it doesn't feel how it used to, when we kiss it's just like two pieces of skin touching each other, there isn't that magic and excitement like there usually is. Everything is just so gray and flat.

Sensing that something was wrong, tonight my girlfriend asked "is everything alright?" I told her I was just tired, and hoped that I wasn't getting sick. But at that moment when she asked me it was like a wall came down and some of my feelings for her came back again. She's been so busy, so distracted, I think I felt like I wasn't getting much attention from her. And then she expressed some concern, and it made me feel like she cared so I cared again. Suddenly I was more affectionate with her, more enamored with her.

Still, I really hope I get some of my libido back soon. Although I'm still committed to going a week without an orgasm after my 7-orgam week last week put me in this spot.



Good thinking

We cuddled for quite awhile last night, and a little tonight. I didn't see her the two previous days, so that probably didn't help.

Good tip, I will aim for more cuddling.