Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (face down M) causes ED?

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This is the way i learnt to masturbate, and I dont do it any other way. Can someone tell me if this causes ED?


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The problem isn't necessarily TMS per se, but rather the fact that you've conditioned yourself to a specific kind of stimulation, which is not similar to a real partner's real genitals. It's the same problem guys conditioning themselves to pixels are facing.

It takes time to recondition your sexuality. First step is to stop "reinforcing" whatever you don't want any more, and do what you can to hang around the partners you'd like to "wire" to.

You may find this material interesting: DOIDGE.excerpts

Be patient, but optimistic.

yes and no

I have been masturbating for 20 years in prone position and I had the same problem ( which incidentally led me to this website).

I tried to quit. Not yet successful but I have considerably brought down my frequency.

I notice I have ED for maybe 24 hrs after I masturbate especially if I do it too much. But when I am PMO free for a few days, I dont have ED issues.

So I believe frequency has a bigger impact on ED than face down masturbation.

Facedown masturbation affects ED too but in a different way . It gives a kind of pleasure which traditional masturbation does not as you are using your entire body weight on your penis and balls, not just hand thrusts. Also you are rubbing your thing most likely against a soft pillow or mattrress. That kind of bodyweight is unnatural and hard to replicate during sex.

I have noticed that for guys who masturbate the normal way, sex is more pleasurable than masturbation but for guys who masturbate facedown, masturbation is more pleasurable than sex.

Personally, I would advise you to go one step at a time. Try to quit or reduce the frequency and then work on the method. Going for both at the same time can be overwhelming.

I agree but ..

..there's a difference between the ideal world and reality.

In an ideal world I would like to be free of PMO and just have sex with someone I love.

In the real world when I tried that ( for almost 2 years), I kept on failing and kept on getting depressed whenever I failed . This badly affected my other goals and life in general.

Lately, I have been taking an alternate route not just with respect to my PMO goals but other life goals in general. I set goals that push me to make some progress but they are not so tough that I will get overwhelmed.
This has worked wonders for me so far.

As far as PMO is concerned, this means setting a realistic goal which for me is twice a week.I have successfully brought down my PMO from twice a day to twice a week simply by setting this easier goal. When I am confident of the progress, I will bring it down to once a week and at some point quit altogether.

Interestingly, in my 20 years

Interestingly, in my 20 years of addiction, I was so satisfied with facedown MO that I never saw any porn until about 6 months.My fantasies were good enough for me.

Anyway now that you mention it, these days I do watch porn and read some erotica. I should cut that out as well...gradually.

No "should" here

Just kicking ideas around. It's your laboratory.

What we've been learning is that if you wire to extreme stimulation (TMS, novel cyber "mates" at a click, BDSM, whatever), vanilla sex simply will not measure up.

Once you unwire to those higher-dopamine activities, vanilla gets rave reviews again, in part because bonding itself produces a slightly different cocktail of "feel good" neurochemicals that are reduced in the case of high-dopamine focused activities.

But it takes time to transition, and at first there's a period of "desert" where nothing feels pleasurable enough.