What does no morning wood indicate??

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What does no morning wood indicate ? a physical problem ? I no longer get them.


It is not a good sign...

as "morning wood" is normal. I lost that years ago, and I am in the process of rebooting and have noticed a "slight" return of that situation. I used to wake up so hard I couldn't pee right away, so it was a major change...and any major change is an "issue". I have started to wake up semi-erect, so I am on my way...even though it is agonizingly slow.

Might mean something, might not

I'm no doctor, but I did do some research on this once when I wasn't getting MW either.

It doesn't necessarily mean anything. Some people have it, others don't. But it could mean you are low on testosterone, or are overtaxing your system like the others mention. And the later may cause the former.

I know that when I stopped PMO, my morning wood returned. Not to how it was when I was younger, but still pretty good. So if you want it back, stop the PMO. I know for me for some reason I felt a lot better when I woke up with it. More virile and alive and powerful.