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I thought wow, do I really wanna continue like this? Do I want to flip flop between complaining and trying too hard all my life? Do I really want to continue identifying with this "sad, unique, unsolvable" story of me, trying to convince others that "my problem is bigger than yours" and at the same time see time pass by, year after year, without resolving the issues? No, I am tired of this shit. More than a decade of useless reading, analyzing of theories, and complaining is more than enough. It is time for action.

I just signed up for a one week intensive primal therapy., the week after next week. A bit anxious about it, specially after the interview and filling the questionnaire, where I have to describe in detail my relationship with my family, sexual history, etc... But it has to be done.

Then I am gonna do some in-field training with a dating coach

Then maybe start regular weekly or biweekly therapy sessions

Intensify my meditation and yoga practice.

Yup, no complaining from me anymore, at least not here. All complaining will be addressed on my yoga mat or while I am meditating. Starting from this moment, day by day, I get rid off the story of me that is no longer of service to me.

Have a great weekend!:-)