week 1 day 2

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It was a holiday here in Sweden. Woke up around 10, and went for a run with my friend G. It was a beautiful spring day, and we did 17kms together. I felt a bit sore afterwards. Seems I still have not recovered from Boston marathon (it was tougher than I expected and I did 15 minute slower than I expected). The Stockholm marathon is exactly one month away, so I am not 100% sure if I am gonna make it. But as I have always paid the registration, I will see how it goes and then decide on the race day whether to go for it or not.

After after a delicious glass of smoothie and some relaxation on the bath, I went to the park for a bbq with some friends. There were really lots of people there, friends and friends of friends, etc... G was also there. Lots of couples were there, so some judgmental noise arose but it didnt bother me that much.

Stayed there for a couple of hours, and went back home around 19:00, prepared some food for tomorrow, watched the musical Hair, assembled a couple of new chairs, measured most of the walls dimensions as I am planning to paint them sometime soon, chatted a bit with one female friend, and now going to bed.

I have not received a text back from the two women I sent it out to (JM and A, JM the women from the yoga festival and A the one that I was going to Lindyhop dancing with late last year), so that has made me wonder a bit, but lets see if they respond in the coming days...

Ah, one more thing, I signed up for a one month (Oct 1 to 29) hot yoga teacher training course in Thailand! I just paid the deposit. It was damn expensive, but I wanna give it a shot. Even though I have really started to really dig hot yoga and want to make it a part of my life a couple of things are bothering me a bit after I made the decision. My mind has already started running a fantasy of going there a week earlier and fuck some ladyboys before the course starts. Maybe that was one of the (unconscious) drivers for making me to sign up for the course anyways, as at one time or another I have thought of going there for a holiday and trying out (I mean the ladyboy thing). Another thing that I am fantasizing about is that I will meet and fall in love with a stunning yoga woman at the course (most of the students, if it is like last year, will be women). Anyways, I am thinking too much again.

Time to sleep.
Good night!