week 1 day 3

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I felt very lightheaded and happy today. Work was easy and productive, went out to the park for a while after work and took some sun, afterwards went to Bikram yoga, it was also calm and relaxing. Chatted with one asian girl there, seems there is some chemistry. She asked me when I am coming again, told her tomorrow at 4:30, but it was too early for her. Maybe we will meet next week cause she said she will come back again the same time. I also had a nice conversation with an older lady after the asian girl left, was really in a good mood.

Went home, heated some leftover meal, ate it while watching a Swedish documentary. I have started watching such programs to improve my Swedish, I just can't force myself to study grammar and text books. Maybe I understood 10-20% of it, and it was about penis enlargement operations in Sweden and one guys story (I think the guy had it and after that the only way he can get it up was by taking vigara, if I understood correctly).

Anyways, after that, I spent maybe 10 minutes on reddit, and slowly was almost ending up in porn. going to the "funny" and "pic" pages always leads to some NSFW posting, and soon without knowing it I would be watching some hardcore stuff. So I said, stop it and came back here to report the day and go to sleep. Reddit is one of my trigger sites, so maybe I should put it on my black list. Even if it doesnt end up in porn it is a complete black hole of time.

Exactly midnight now. Sweet dreams!:-)



for the link. I heard the talk about changing the action due to the cues, and it makes a lot of sense. I also liked the other tips like interval training and cold shower. I hate cold showers, but I think I can start playing a bit with them especially after hot yoga. Interval training is also something I have done a bit during my running training, but as I have been focusing on long distance running, I have not been doing them that much. As I was thinking of focusing more on short distance runs after June, that will fit in perfectly Smile