week 1 day 4

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Also another easy and relaxing day. Manage to settle some difficult issue at work in a couple of meetings in the morning, so left work pretty early, around 3:30, and headed to yoga.

There was an after work party at some bar, but I was a bit tired after yoga, so I went directly home. Afterwards, I was facebooking a bit and noticed that one Ethiopian girl who has posted some "join me and play some stupid game" thing on my wall (I think she sent it out to all of her friends). I started chatting with her, thinking that it was another girl (some girl who contacted me a couple of months back about job possibilities in my company). The chat was very hilarious, as I started it by asking "how is the job hunt?" which she misunderstood... so at some point she asks for my phone and calls me, was really fun talking with her.. imagine, I am still thinking that she was the other girl (a cute 20 something girl), but at some point I started suspecting that it was another person, specially after she mentions that she has an 18 year old son, but since we were kidding around a bit, I thought she was bull shitting me. Then we agreed to have dinner sometime next week and said goodbye. I went back to her facebook page and digged her profile further (she has tons of pictures of places and only a couple of pictures of herself at the end of her albums), lo and behold, it was another woman! And I have no idea how we ended up being friends on facebook. She is not good looking at all, and I have been flirting with her for almost an hour, and she knows my number! Foolish me, while on the phone I was so excited thinking it was the cute girl!:-)...

Then I found the right girl on face book and wrote her instead.

I also remembered another girl I met at an Ethiopian restaurant about a year ago, with whom I have talked a couple of times on the phones but never met after and wrote her "long time! we should meet for a coffee or dinner sometime next week" she replied something like "yes lets do that" and then calls me and after chatting with her a bit I ask her "so what is new?" she tells me that she is expecting and the due date is on May 20th!

A real funny ending to my day. A couple of possible "dates" next week with a very pregnant girl and a second one whom I mistook for another!:-)

So better go to sleep before I set up yet another "wrong" date:-)

Have a nice weekend!