week 11

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Almost a month since I posted here.
Still on track with the reboot, there were few instances where I almost watched porn (using hte old tricks, let me see some funny pictures, nothing wrong with watching girls in yoga pants, etc.. but I managed to stop on time before I ended up on a porn site).

I have really busy at work, but I am gonna have an easy couple of weeks due to the fact everyone is on holiday. I will take one week off between the 19th and 28th, the first four days on the west coast beaches of Sweden and then to a tantra festival, yeeha!!

Marina, actually I bought your book at last, have started reading it, but have not got too far. To be honest, what I have read so far felt a bit too academic for me, but let see how the rest goes. I also started reading the book "the tao of health, sex and longevity", i think i saw it as a suggestion in one of the blogs here. From what I have read so far, similar ideas to Kareeza there, except in that book all hte problems with ograsm were associated to the man and that women can orgasm as many times without getting the negative side effects. So at least concerning me, there is no conflict between the two :-)...

Regarding K, I thought I could be just friends with her, but I think I can't. Every time we meet, specially when we go dancing, I feel very strong about her, but at the same time now that we have talked about it and she has dropped the lets just be friends thing, I can't do anything. That is rather emasculating, and I don't want to experience more of that. So one of these days I am gonna tell her that exactly and stop seeing her (of course we will keep bumping on each other, even dance once in a while, but no more alone time with her).

I am very horny and sexually frustrated at the moment. It has been four straight wonderful summer weeks in Stockholm, and everywhere you go you see stunning girls showing lots of flesh, and it makes me feel as if I am the only one that is not getting any, but at the same time, I just can't force myself to go clubbing or partying, even though some friends suggested going out. It seems all fake to me, going to a bar, getting drunk and trying to get laid. just like porn. I want to do things consciously and with someone who is also conscious about it, and who needs no excuse like alcohol to explain that "it just happened". But on the other hand, I feel at loss on how to achieve that.
Anyways, better stop complaining that much. It is what it is, I don't know how to solve it right now, but time will tell. In the mean time, I keep taking care of myself.

good night for now, hopefully it will not be another month before I get back again:-)


have you tried approaching women cold?

just going around Stockholm and striking up conversations? Getting into conversations and maybe asking some of them out?

Doesn't seem like you'd have much trouble if you are persistent. 1 out of 10 women will say yes, and those numbers will get better. And you'll have some good dates for yourself.

Great going on avoiding porn!

You're doing well

It's normal to feel "cheated" when you are making such a big transition. Your feelings may change even more...about wanting quality. It's always intriguing to see.

Too academic, huh? How far did you get? Sounds like you haven't read the biographical bits yet. They should get you laughing. However, this author has a completely different approach and some people really like it...or like both hers and mine as a complement. Tantric Sex For Men.RICHARDSON

I can see why you want to see less of K.