week 6, day 3-4

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day 3

Rather uneventful day. Was really tired so had to take an almost 1 and half hour nap after lunch. I went to the reception downstairs to get the keys (I was with F), and the receptionist today was incredibly beautiful (they rotate between the different office buildings). After work also on the way to Swedish course, we noticed several amazing girls, and we were asking each other "what the hell is happening today?". By the time we were in the school, waiting for the teacher, I was really horny. There was one nice lady (maybe in her late 30s or early 40s) in the waiting room, wearing tight jeans, and that made me even hornier. Had it been last year, I think I would have rushed to the toilet to masturbate.

In the evening, I did some laundry and then my couch surfer from australia arrived. A nice girl, very tall, and the fact that I was not attracted to her made me feel very relaxed. I made some tea and we had a nice chat and then prepared the sofa bed for her and we crashed around midnight.

I woke up like 5ish, and was a bit hard to go back to sleep because she was snoring a bit. Then I tried to practice some of the mindfulness lessons I have been listening to : Instead of complaining and fighting against the present moment, just try to observe it and accept it. So I just started focusing on her snores and synchronised my breath with her snoring, and amazingly I was back asleep after 5 min or so. I slept deeply till 8:30.

day 4

She was still sleeping when I left home in the morning around 9:00. I spent the whole morning trying to fix my business trip to Mexico (San Jose del cabo) by the end of March. Still not finished because I have to call Mexican embassy for the visa tomorrow and also get confirmation on the flight bookings. Anyways, I am planning to take one week vacation after the meeting there.

For lunch, I met one Ethiopian guy who also works in the same company but another department. He was a senior by one year at the university back home, came here to do his masters around 2000, and ended up staying. He was the smartest guy ever in our school, I think he got one or two Bs in five years of engineering school, such a bright guy. He told me that he is actually relocating to Canada from the first of April. Though he has been here for almost 12 years, and speaks the language fluently, he told me he felt more integrated in the three months he spent in Canada last year as a visiting researcher. That was not a very encouraging news for my hopes of penetrating the Swedish society, but I hope I will have a different experience than him.

I left work rather early even though I had a lot to do, I felt a bit uncomfortable after the big lunch (I always over eat when I go to that particular restaurant, buffets are dangerous to me!). I went for a run in the gym, and oh lord, my stomach started to hurt me and felt a bit like vomiting after a while. So I stopped midway during the run.

There was several beautiful girls at the gym today. Specially while I was running, there was one girl using the treadmill in front of me that I couldn't take my eyes off. She had such a curvy body, very slim waist, big latino style ass, and she was wearing tights that exaggerated the contrast.

When I returned home with my running interrupted and my eyes filled with the bodies of the beautiful girls, I needed so badly to masturbate and release the tension. It was really hard to control, but somehow I managed.

After an hour or so, I went to a salsa place (no lesson, just dancing). Oh shit, I felt like a fish on land. In contrast to the salsa place where I take the lesson, this place was filled with amazing dancers and amazing girls with the sexiest dresses. I even forgot to dance the basics, it was that intimidating. After a while it became better (my Australian couch surfer came, and also met some acquaintances). It was a bit humbling, and I spent most of the time admiring the other dancers. I particularly remember this quite ripped black guy with a super petite beautiful Swedish girl, who were doing incredible moves. And felt a bit jealous of the guy (they were kissing a bit at one point, and he was dancing with almost all the beautiful girls one by one). I think I have to practice hard for at least a year or two to be as a good dancer as the average dancer there. We will see...

I left with my couch surfer around 11. I made some quick snack as I was starving, we chatted a bit, and she went to sleep, I stayed to write this blog.

She will leave tomorrow, and another couch surfer will come from France. On Sunday, a Korean girl will come, and later next week two girls from Germany are coming. I think after that, I will not host anyone till summer....