week 6, day 5

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I said bye to the Australian couch surfer in the morning, I dont remember anything worth mentioning at the office. In the evening, I went to take a salsa course at a new place, and invited some friends and two girls promised to show up (one swedish friend and another one a Colombian girl I met few weeks back). I also wrote to the french couch surfer who was supposed to come the address of the place so that she can come and join me if she wants after she has dropped her bags (I have left my door open for her).

When I arrived, my Swedish friend was there. We didn't get a chance to talk a lot as the lesson started soon after. Ah, it was a disaster. They were teaching another style of salsa, which completely fucked up everything. I was not always falling back to the old style that I am used to, so specially the partner dances didnt go that well. The teachers were a Morocan girl (who grew up in sweden, as I later find out) and a Chilan guy. The girl was yuuuuumy. So at least I enjoyed watching her.

C, my swedish friend, left immediately after the course, around 21:00 as she was very tired. Soon the french girl arrived. She was much taller than I expected, dressed in a typical hippy fashion, and maybe it was due to the traveling , I don't know, quite some BO. I tried to dance a bit with her, and she was hopeless, no sense of rhythm at all. And the fact she was almost 7 cms taller than me didn't make it easier. I tried to dance with some other girls, and it didnt get better, we were confused to which style we should stick to, and it was a mess. I danced a bit with the teacher, she was not only pretty, but extremely friendly and helpful. Fortunately, the Colombian girl, K, arrived soon after with some friends.

With her dancing was more fun as she doesn't follow any style and dances the Latin way. Was fund dancing with her, and we talked a lot also. Soon we were dancing in a group, and the night was not boring anyways. At some point, the place turned into a discotheque, and they started playing every kind of music. We danced some dirty ragga stuff, and ah, I had a hardon, which I pressed shamelessly onto K's ample ass, and she didnt seem to mind. With the free music, the dancing with the french girl, C, became a bit better. Still the BO was a turn off, so I didn't dance that much with her. But I noticed she was very flirty and was a bit confused,

Around 1am, I felt really tired and left with C. At home, I prepared the sofa for her and went straight to bed.