week 7, day 1

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I woke up very early as it was body pump day. When I came back from the course, which was quite tough as I tried to increase the weights this time, she was still sleeping. I went to work without waking her up. I don't remember any memorable thing at the office. I came back home around 19 and she was not home yet. I eat something simple and the was checking something online when she came. She came back with two extra plastic bags, which she has filled with some more clothes she has bought from a big flea market in down town stockholm. I just can't help but laugh aloud about her situation and was asking her how she is planning to take the seven plastic bags with her all the way to Paris?

She started trying the clothes, and said maybe she can wear lots of clothes on top of each other, and get rid of a bag or two. A hilarious moment after that when she was in two skirts and three layers of trousers, and two or three sweaters. It was really funny. As I was planning to do some running in the morning, I started stretching on the yoga mat while she continued experimenting with multi-layering. She surprised me by asking if I want her to push me a bit during stretching (I was doing some hamstring stretch on the floor and it sometimes helps if someone pushes you gently to the floor while you try to keep your leg straight). I obliged and for the first time I started thinking of her in another way. After that we took some tea and continued chatting, and she started revealing some things like that she has had about six affairs in her four months or so of traveling, and that three were just one night things while she felt something with the other three and might go back to visit them again. It really felt like she was giving me a hint of some sort and I said to myself what the hell, what am I gonna lose.

Once again, dancing came to my rescue, and I asked her if she knows how to dance salsa. She said she has tried it a couple of times. I started playing some salsa playlist on my mobile and we started dancing. The music was a bit too fast, and she was not able to follow. We tried a bit of merengue then and that was much better. I was wearing a very thin pajama pants and soon my erection was clearly visible, and I made sure she noticed it by dancing very close to her. And the closer I got to her, the tighter she held me. At some point it came very natural to kiss her. When I did, she kinda resisted, but her excuse was very lame…something like, but I have not brushed my teeth…Ah, I told her that is not really necessary and continued kissing her, and this time she responded well… and after ten minutes or so of making out, I led her to my bed. But soon she started having second thoughts, saying stuff like "but couch surfing is not supposed to be like this, I have never done it with my host before…"

To make it short, it took almost an hour to convince her that it was OK. And the fact that she was still wearing several layers of clothes didn't make it easy. Finally, almost all clothes gone, except for her stockings and one skirt, she asked me if I have condoms and when I said yes, she said Ok but she has take shower first as she didn't think she was clean enough. That was kinda annoying, I almost thought of going to sleep while she was taking shower. But soon she came back, and guess what, she started resisting again, repeating the same stuff…. this time I was not really that patient and didn't respond to her in words. I just put my hands between her legs. It was funny, because she was naked beneath her skirt and completely wet while saying "we shouldn't do this"…after that her resistance was gone, and we ended up having quite a good sex. At some point, I was finding it hard to control myself and slowed down almost to a standstill and told her about it, and she told me don't worry, you can come anytime because I don't come that easily. That was such a relief. Shortly I let it go, and it was fantastic.

I couldn't help but wonder if this was all a dream or what?I didn't manage to have sex for a year and two months, and now I have slept with two different girls within two days? Be it a dream or real, I didn't want it to go away, so I held her close and soon after we drifted into blissful sleep.