week 7, day 2

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same thing as with the french girl, I wake up with a big urge. This time I was a bit gentle, but still not so relaxed. And I was having the opposite problem of yesterday, I found it hard to come! At some point my mind was drifting back to porn and was trying to imagine a scene to make me come fast. Nothing helped, actually, I even seemed to lose my hardness a bit (specially when I fantasized that she was a she male, that used to work like magic with my indonesian friend a couple of years back). At some point she asked if we can take a break because it was hurting. While we were kissing and talking, she asked me that she found it surprising that I didn't ask her to give me a blow job, because almost every guy does that. I took that as a hint and guided her slowly downward. I was rushing it again, and she told me to slow down. And soon she was at it, and she was a real expert indeed. I remembered what F says about asians girls, that he has seen so many porn movies with them giving a blow job, whenever he sees a quick asian girl he can't help but think of giving him head. Ah, and she was slow and did everything perfectly. I told her that I was almost there, and she went at it eagerly. I came in her mouth, and she went to the toilet to spit it out. This was the second time ever that I came in someone's mouth, the first one being to a hooker in my sister's car back in Ethiopia, while my friend was fucking another one on the back seats. I remember it so vividly because as soon as I came in her mouth, the girl started cursing at me and screaming "this is the worst scum I ever tasted, fuck you! fuck you!" and was almost throwing up. My friend and the girl he was with started cracking up but I was so flustered. At that time I was a chain smoker and drinking quite regular, so no wonder it tasted bad.

So when S (that is the korean's name) came back from the toilet, I was quite curious and asked her what it tasted like. She told me it was normal, it didn't have a strong taste at all. It was quite a relief:-). I acted the same way as with the french girl (didnt talk about Karezza and so on), but told her that I like to cuddle and we literally cuddled and caressed each other for full two hours while listening to jack johnson. It was great. She was pestering me with questions like how many women I have been with, saying stuff like, you must have been with hundreds of them (it was such an ego booster, and I didn't tell her my story). I was amazed on how good her english was, she was able to catch my sense of humor (I have a problem with that with most asian people). she told me honestly that she doesn't think she will settled down soon ,because there are so many handsome guys out there, and she want to experience as many guys as she can. Soon I was joking with her, calling her that she is now my favorite slut.

Anyways, we left the bed around 8am. I made a nice breakfast, and it was great sharing it with her. But at the same time, I panicked a bit when she mentioned that she might stay the whole day in Stockholm (her original plan was to go to a city a couple of hundred kms away and take the bus to southern sweden from there). She was saying "I can stay the whole day here visiting areas I have not managed to see yesterday, and then take the last train or bus to Gothenburg". I hurried and convinced her that she can manage to visit the other city, maybe leave her stuff here at my place and pick it up later. I think I panicked because I thought maybe she will end up staying at my place one more night (why should I worry about that? I had an amazing time with her? strange… maybe living alone for too long has finally caught up with me….). And we said good bye, like lovers do, a kiss and a bye…followed by the last one…and the last one… the last one for sure….ah… painful.

At day, I was completely useless. I have slept only 4 hours or so, and the emotional buildup of the last two days was a bit too much to handle. So around 4 pm, I couldn't take it anymore and went back home and crashed. I woke up around 18:45 as I had a dinner with some expats at 19:00 at a place nearby. When I woke up, S was back, and she was writing on her blog or something on her iPad. We kissed and I asked her how her visit went, she said it was Ok but nothing special. I was getting really aroused and felt like ditching the dinner and have sex with her, but I don't know why exactly, I rushed out instead telling her I have to hurry not to miss my friends. We repeated the same procedure of saying goodbye as in the morning. She told me she will most probably come back in April and May to Stockholm to visit me. I was happy and scared at the same time. I left her with a somehow sad heart.

Her bus was supposed to leave at 10:30, so I could have easily managed to meet her after the dinner, and spend an hour or so with her. But instead I decided to meet another friend in a nearby bar and deliberately missed her departure, but was thinking of going back home (the bar was like 3 minutes walking distance from my place). Ah, no need to dwell on regrets, but I kinda hate myself for doing that. Why did I do that?

Anyways, when I got back, she was gone. She has left me a message on the kitchen table. Most of it was written in Korean, so I still don't know what it means. But on the top she has drawn something like a traffic light sign with a girl and a guy dancing, and written below "Stockholm dirty salsa, dangerous"… and then it was a mini caricature of me (just a smily face with crazy hair going everywhere to simulate my semi-long rasta). I felt even sadder when I saw this. Ah, I desperately wanted her to be there and hold her close again.

Anyways, I was still extremely tired and soon collapsed, without even brushing my teeth….