week 7, days 3-6

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I forgot to take notes, so I don't remember exactly what happened, but nothing as eventful as the last few days.

-Two couchserfers from Germany stayed with me for four days (from Thursday till Monday). They were around 20 and 21, very nice girls. Sometimes it felt that they were hosting me rather than I was hosting them (preparing me breakfast, etc). I didn't manage to go out for some sightseeing or partying with them, because I was a bit afraid they might be turned down at the gates (the age limit in some places in Stockholm is 23) and also they are into electronic music, which I hate with passion. But we had nice talks over dinner and breakfast. The second day, it was actually funny because I was cooking to them and by mistake I use the wrong spice (there are two common spices in Ethiopia, they look very similar, and one is mild and the other super hot). And they were polite enough to try it, but we were pouring more and more yoghurt to make it mild, and soon a whole one liter package of yoghurt was gone. Finally they admitted defeat, and left it all to me. It was strong even for me, and was trying to show up how manly I am and ate almost all of it (have to suffer the consequences the next day, when I was forced to visit the rest room several times at work):-)

On Thursday, I went to see indoor athletic championship with my french friend, G. It was amazing. I saw Isinbayeba break the world indoor record in pole vaulting by 1cm (from 5m to 5.01 m). Such a lovely creature. While the others were struggling with 4.50s and 4.60s, she just came, failed once in the 4.72, then did it easily, then followed by easy 4.82 and 4.92s, and then one failure at 5.01 followed by her spectacular world record jump.

On Friday, I went to a meeting sponspored by internations, an international expat social networking community. G was also there. When I arrived, he was actually talking with three girls, and one girl, a Colombian , was all over him. She was not that pretty and he was very much into her Swedish friend, who was running around talking with people. I was trying to talke with the Colombian girl, but she was so obsessed with G, she was completely ignoring me. That kinda annoyed me because I was not trying to pick her up but was just trying to be nice. Anyways, I saw some other group that I know and went there to say Hi. Ten minutes or so later, G came and told me that the girls are dragging him to this place called Cafe Opera, a posh club, and they are in the guest list, so we don't have to wait at the gates. I have never been there, so I said why not.

The two girls were in the guest list, so they went in for free, but we still have to pay. And it was damn expensive, around 25 Euros per person! G acutally didnt notice it and paid for the rest three of us with his visa card, and was very surprised when I told him. We drank a couple of lemon celo shots (damn, one lemon celo shot was like 12 Euros, WTF, half a litre bottle costs around 7 Euros in Italy). Any ways, we danced a bit but around 1 am, I looked around me and didnt really feel that I belong there. Most of the girls were with big fake tits, fake lips, super duper makeup..plastic fantastic.. The Colombian girl brought one German girl and introduced to us, she was very pretty but extremely boring, her smile as fake as her tits...

I left them around 1:00 am...

Yeah, almost forgot, my Italian friend who just got a job here in Stockholm arrived on Wednesday. I met him and his gf on Saturday afternoon, had a long lunch together and later on we went to take a batchata dance course. Wow, it was fantastic. I have tried to dance batchata before this was the first time i was taking proper course, and once the basic steps became clear to me, I started enjoying it, even more than salsa. So we ended up dancing till around 23. Then my other friend F was expecting to see us in some bar/slash place in southern Stockholm. I went there, but I stayed only half an hour or so, because I didn't see the point of staying in a place full of dancing drunks and where I cant be able to talk to my friends.

I really have to be true to myself.. I hate bars (unless there is some live music thing going and the crowd is much calmer), I hate clubs (unless it is Latin music clubs where I can learn and concentrate on dancing), so will try to avoid these places as much as possible from now on.

Sunday was quite interesting. I went to my first ever speed dating event with G. I think it deserves a separate blog.

Right now it is Thursday (Week 8, day 4, 12:57 am), and I came back home about half an hour ago, and something quite nice has happened today Smile but better go to bed now, as I have a very busy day awaiting tomorrow. Will report about the missing days (sunday-wed) soon, hopefully tomorrow. Nighty nights!:-)