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week 2, so far

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The feeling good by myself thingy is still going on big time. Thursday and Friday were holidays in Sweden and I spent most of them by myself. On thursday, I cleaned up my bedroom, meditated for about 30 min and went running to Bikram yoga (about 6 kms), and returned also running, on the way back it was a bit tough, some pain on my knees. I have almost decided no marathon for me in Stockholm, but I will try to be a pacemaker for my friend G, maybe meet him around 30K and pace him till the finish line.

week 1 day 6

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slept around 4am, and woke up at 6, was a bit hard to fall back asleep again, but somehow I managed and slept till 12. Woke up, ate a good breakfast, and took a bath. It was a lovely spring morning, and for a minute or two I was overwhelmed by this gloomy feeling that sometimes overcomes me on such a day (oh, such a beautiful day and I have no one to share with it, oh poor me, blah blah) but I just witnessed it and it went away. I decided that I would not waste such a beautiful day and went to a forest a metro stop away from my office.

week 1 day 5

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what a day!
I slept like 9 hours and felt very fresh in the morning. Headed directly to Bikram Yoga and afterwards I went to cheer for my friend G who was running a half marathon (I was supposed to be his pacemaker for the last 11K but my knee is still not recovered after my run with him on Wednesday, so I was just giving moral support). I managed to meet it at the 10K, 18K and finish lines. and he did perfectly as we planned, and finished with a personal best of 1:24:17, 3 minutes faster than his last try. I felt very happy and proud, as we have been training together!:-)

week 1 day 4

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Also another easy and relaxing day. Manage to settle some difficult issue at work in a couple of meetings in the morning, so left work pretty early, around 3:30, and headed to yoga.

week 1 day 3

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I felt very lightheaded and happy today. Work was easy and productive, went out to the park for a while after work and took some sun, afterwards went to Bikram yoga, it was also calm and relaxing. Chatted with one asian girl there, seems there is some chemistry. She asked me when I am coming again, told her tomorrow at 4:30, but it was too early for her. Maybe we will meet next week cause she said she will come back again the same time. I also had a nice conversation with an older lady after the asian girl left, was really in a good mood.

week 1 day 2

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It was a holiday here in Sweden. Woke up around 10, and went for a run with my friend G. It was a beautiful spring day, and we did 17kms together. I felt a bit sore afterwards. Seems I still have not recovered from Boston marathon (it was tougher than I expected and I did 15 minute slower than I expected). The Stockholm marathon is exactly one month away, so I am not 100% sure if I am gonna make it. But as I have always paid the registration, I will see how it goes and then decide on the race day whether to go for it or not.