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week 15

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long time...was traveling for work, and been very busy with many things. So just quick updates

-still porn free (I almost stumbled into it just few minutes ago, but survived)

week 11, day 2

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Ah, been almost two weeks since I was here. I have been extremely busy at work, even had to work the whole weekend on the 10th and 11th, and last week from thursday to sunday, I was on my second ski trip.

week 9, days 1+2

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I started monday morning with a body pump class at the gym. While taking shower back at home I have one of the strongest porn urges so far since the rebooting. I almost succumbed to it. It was strange to feel like that at around 8 in the morning, specially after coming back from exercising. Fortunately, I managed not to. I was thinking of writing some personal emails while eating breakfast, but I just fled from my apartment because I couldnt trust myself with a computer on when feeling like this. The urge kinda evaporated the moment I left.

week 7, day 2

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same thing as with the french girl, I wake up with a big urge. This time I was a bit gentle, but still not so relaxed. And I was having the opposite problem of yesterday, I found it hard to come! At some point my mind was drifting back to porn and was trying to imagine a scene to make me come fast. Nothing helped, actually, I even seemed to lose my hardness a bit (specially when I fantasized that she was a she male, that used to work like magic with my indonesian friend a couple of years back). At some point she asked if we can take a break because it was hurting.

week 6, day 7

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I woke up around 6 am, with a strong hard on, and desperately wanted to get rid of it. I started kissing C, and she woke up soon after. I don't know why, I was not as relaxed as last night, and just wanted to do it fast before my erection is gone. So things were going a bit too fast, and I was in her before she was ready, and she didn't like it that much and mentioned it. This made me lose my erection a bit and I actually thought, do I really have to do this? And I told her exactly that, why don't we just cuddle instead, we don't have to have sex. She agreed. And we talked a lot...

week 7, day 1

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I woke up very early as it was body pump day. When I came back from the course, which was quite tough as I tried to increase the weights this time, she was still sleeping. I went to work without waking her up. I don't remember any memorable thing at the office. I came back home around 19 and she was not home yet. I eat something simple and the was checking something online when she came. She came back with two extra plastic bags, which she has filled with some more clothes she has bought from a big flea market in down town stockholm.

week 6, day 6: unexpected turn of events...

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Being it a Saturday, the plan was to spend some hours with my couch surfer C in the morning and maybe have lunch with her. I had a booking at a chinese/vietnames place for lunch with some expats, but was not sure if I was able to bring her. I asked the organizer, and fortunately there was a place, so we agreed to go there.