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week 6, day 5

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I said bye to the Australian couch surfer in the morning, I dont remember anything worth mentioning at the office. In the evening, I went to take a salsa course at a new place, and invited some friends and two girls promised to show up (one swedish friend and another one a Colombian girl I met few weeks back). I also wrote to the french couch surfer who was supposed to come the address of the place so that she can come and join me if she wants after she has dropped her bags (I have left my door open for her).

week 5, day 2

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wow, I don't remember the last time I slept so good! Nine and a half hours of pure bliss. I didn't even turn sides, i could have slept with a cup of tea on my hands and woken up without spilling it... OK, now I am exaggerating, but it was wonderful...that should be one of my lifetime targets, to sleep every day like this.

After a delicious breakfast of rye bread, honey and cheese (I have started to indulge myself into different kinds of cheese lately...), I took 30 minutes of visualization/meditation and headed to work.

week 5, day 1

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Ah, woke up very early again, around 4:30, and didn't manage to fall back asleep. anyways, I went to the gym for the 6:30 body pump class.

Had a meeting around lunch time, so didn't manage to get my secret lunch time nap. But I did it between 14:15 to 15:15 and I recovered a bit. I really like the fact that I can take a nap almost anytime of the day, but the past few weeks, specially on mondays, the sleeping problem keeps happening.

week 4, day 7

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The meeting at the bar with friends yesterday was really nice... there were like 12 of us (I didn't know a couple of them, friends of friends). I have been to the bar before, but on a weekday. It was very packed and they were playing excellent music, though a bit too loud sometimes. It was such a relief to go out without any pressure to meet or charm girls.

week 4, days 5,6

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Friday and Saturday were cancelations days:

1)J, the girl I was supposed to go salsa with, she texted me saying she is sick and staying home

2)The taiwanese girl who was supposed to come on Feb 7th for one week to visit me from Germany (she had her flights and everything), got some problem with visa thing, and wrote me she will most likely won't be able to come as she has to leave Germany very soon

week 4, days 3,4

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Wed and thursday were very busy days:


started with a cross fit gym class, was really tough one, my butt still hurts!
At work it was also quite busy, lots of emails to reply to and documents to read and review. Left office around 18, so I had to work a bit at home also.
I called J (the girl I met on Friday) and we agreed to go to salsa on Friday evening :-).