Rebooting first entry (Day 16)

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I was amazed to visit and watch the video about how porn causes ED. Everything that was talked about on the video and everything everybody else who shared their stories talked about was exactly what I was experiencing. I am 22 years old and I am in pretty good shape. I have been terrorized by a few times where I got ED while trying to have a sexual encounter. I would wonder what is wrong with me? Why do I have this problem at my age? It's all over for me and I should just give up and kill myself because I am not enough of a man to hold an erection so I must be an outcast and unworthy in this world. These thoughts ran through my mind on occasion and I have just taken boner pills before I have sex so the ED doesn't humiliate me again. This is expensive. By the way when I do take these boner pills I do get extremely hard for way too long and last too long. The woman are always amazed and think I am superman or something but inside I feel bad and like I am cheating. I have been masturbating from a very young age and got into the hardcore internet porn at about 15. I got more and more numb to just regular porn and have searched every niche except things like rape or child porn. When I was 17 I started watching shemale porn and still am very into it and even mess with them sometimes. Well that is before I started the no porn thing. So far I have not had morning wood or wet dreams or anything. Anyways here I am day 16 of no porn or masturbation and it looks like I am going to have sex here in a little bit. I have read articles that say that sex can slow down the reboot process but I am not going to turn sex down. I am going to stick with no porn or masturbation. I am still scared of ED so I took a pill. This is what I am trying so I will def keep you posted on how it goes for me.