Couples in Love

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This photo set turned my thoughts to karezza and lasting love.



Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures.
They remind me of the time when I began to realize, that there is nothing which equals the feeling of two people touching and uniting.
Do you want to know when this was?
It was around 1951, I was 20 and living in Paris. As youngster, all the feeling were strong, fast and the like, seeing so many couples touching, kissing tenderly in the streets of Paris.

But there I made my first aquaintance with Karezza, buying a little book of Alice Stockham at a bouchiniste on the shores of the Seine river. (I think, "ethics of marriage or so. Not sure)
But the love technique, yes, it is one, and you have to learn an work on it, was touching me, and since I live according to it.

Karezza can make you sexual life like at 20. Believe me. And also my wife can enjoy it.
Althhough it was hard to find one who wants that with a man of that age.

Carry on, and do so !


Thank you, karezza-lover,

for sharing more of your story with us. I really value your insights since you have practiced karezza for most of your life. I think it is so wonderful that you found Alice Stockham's book as a young adult, and that your memories of that time are still so fresh and strong. Karezza surely stands the test of time!

All the Best to you and your wife!