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Next week we will celebrate our 5th anniversary. My wife turns 70 in July and I turn 59 in September. We continue to make love with PIV twice a day -- we slowly, gently wake each other up in the morning with scissors as we say our morning prayers, and most nights we make love and fall asleep spooning. Sometimes when we are home all day on the weekend, we will enjoy some "afternoon delight" and both feel "tuned-up" for the rest of the day. Five years in with Karezza, we are both in the best overall physical and emotional health of our lives. We have stopped the clock, and in some aspects at least, we have turned back the clock with Karezza.

20 years ago, I watched an interview of a Tantric couple on a Sacred Sex video. A comment was made that "the more deeply we relax, the more the ecstasy bubbles out". When we spoon we lay on our left side because it promotes health. See Back to deep relaxation: after we have spooned for a time, and our movements are slow, sensual, and slippery, I will gently raise my lover's upper glute with my fingers. This opens up her vagina so that the contact between our penis and vagina during my slow movements is feather-light. The bliss is amazing!! WARNING: unless you have rewired your nervous system with Karezza, it may be best to be completely still or avoid this altogether. It can quickly send you over the cliff of orgasm. This experience is a solid confirmation to me that Karezza is based on sexual polarity and deep, deep relaxation -- the deeper the better.

The last 5 years we have taken 24/7 care of my wife's 99-year-old mother who lives with us. I have three adult children from a previous marriage. In many ways, caring for an elder can be more difficult than parenting a child. Elders can often be more physically and emotionally fragile, more set in their ways, and more locked into negative emotional family dynamics from the past. Bottom line: Karezza facilitates the harmony a couple needs to make good boundaries and good decisions, to stay on task with whatever their commitments are, and to enjoy an abundance of pleasure; all at the very same time.



Thanks for checking in

Glad to hear things are working out for you two despite life's inevitable challenges.

We, too, find that we handle stress better and accomplish more with karezza. It is certainly a contrast with the standard "harder, more extreme, use-a-sex-aid" approach being sold in the mainstream.