Have You Named Your Sex Organs?

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From the beginning of our marriage we have taken a reverent but playful approach to our lovemaking.

For the first couple years we alternated back and forth between "wand of light/sacred space" and "penis/vagina" when talking about our sex organs. Then we favored "penis/vagina" as somewhat easier to use for every day. With Karezza, our love life is always so positive that we talk about our lovemaking and sex organs a lot.

What to do when eating lunch at a resturant or walking in the shopping mall and we want to talk about our shared experience earlier that day or the night before?

At some point, we gave our sex organs ordinary people names, so that if someone out in a public setting were to overhear a few words of our conversation, they would think we were talking about two people.The two names we chose were easy for us: Many men think of their penis as their "mini-me" and often express their personality traits, good or bad, through the use of their penis. Therefore, I chose the name "Junior" for my penis.

We chose the name "Vickie" for my wife's vagina -- short for "Victoria" because her recovery from the sexual pain and dysfunction in her vagina has been such a stunning victory.

After you've chosen the names for your sex organs, it's easy to talk about them as if they are your best friends, and as if they are best friends with each other, because, with Karezza, they are -- on both counts.



My wife only has one "girl" left

She lost the other one to breast cancer 18 years ago.

I receive a lot of sweet female energy from both sides and her one remaining breast gets twice the attention.

I have to be careful how I touch her breast when we are joined, so the energy connection doesn't send me over the edge.

We did give her breast a cute name since "she" plays a vital role in our love life.