"Hovering" - Our Favorite Way to Awaken my beloved's Female Energy

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My wife lays flat on her back on our bed. I usually start by massaging her legs from thigh to ankle. I can tell how effective I am by the sounds she makes as she lets go of tension. This is time well-spent as the more deeply relaxed she is, the better the Karezza.

Then, from the foot of the bed, I slowly move forward on my hands and knees, over her body, until our chests are matched up. I hold the bulk of my own weight on my knees and lower arms, but press into her to the degree that's pleasant for both of us. Gentle movements against her pubis, while our chests are together, soon has her squirming around underneath me. Sometimes, in a gentle, playful way, we will dry hump like a couple of horny teenagers.

No attempt is made at PIV until she says to me in her sweet voice, "Honey, I'm ready." Early in our marriage, rather than me always asking her if she was ready, we decided to have her ask me specifically to put my penis in her vagina, but only when she was completely ready. This let me know she was ready, and just as important, her asking me to put myself inside her was very good for her emotions because her initiating gave her more of a sense of freedom and choice.

Sex had been so traumatic for her in a previous relationship that she had spent a lot of time running away from it, and then giving in to sex she didn't want out of a false sense of duty. Her specifically asking me to join our bodies in lovemaking has been an effective remedy for the trauma, stress, and lack of freedom in her past.



Very helpful, the important

Very helpful, the important technique details, blissed. Thank you for sharing!

P.S. -- I thoroughly enjoyed reading your past posts yesterday. You and your wife did a great job exercising restraint during your two year courtship period and you were a generous, gracious, accommodating person during your honeymoon. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your feedback !

I'm happy that my details were helpful. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to express my love to my wife through Karezza. And to pay it forward in a small way by sharing our experiences. There's no turning back !! Thanks for your validation regarding my past posts. It has been a very joy-filled journey !! All the best to you, John G. !!

You are very compassionate and caring lover.

You are very compassionate and caring lover. You really done great job to curing her trauma from her past bitter experiece.

We do initiate in the same way. I get onto her with our chest matched up supporting my weight on my knees and arms. We embrace, caress and kiss. After some moment of kisses I usually get semi erection. My wife sometimes ask me to get inside of her and sometimes not but I know from her expression that she wants me. The beauty of karezza is that there is no performance issue and we are always ready for it. My erection or her wetness are not a big deal anymore. With my soft to semi erection I very slowly get inside her. I took maybe around five minutes to get fully inside her with full erection with some very gentle strokes and meanwhile she became enough wet for me too. What I find lovely when she asks me to reconnect after waking up in the midnight. We generally have nice sound sleep without any interruptions. But when it happens, I actually love to be waked up by her.

It sounds like

you are a very gentle and caring lover yourself. Isn't it great to have NO performance issues ?

Earlier in our marriage, we would sometimes make sweet, wonderful love in the middle of the night.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Thanks. With karezza I now

Thanks. With karezza I now think lovemaking should be caring and intimate guided by love, not lust. Yes, It's great to have no performance issue and no arrangements. She is always there for me and me too for her. Without any pressure and goal, we can now enjoy the intimacy more intensly.