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In some circles where common sex is adored, all it takes is for someone to say, "clitoris", another to say, "8000 nerve endings", and everyone within earshot will genuflect in complete agreement.

At our house, my wife's clitoris has been pretty neglected, and yet, in the last five years, she (with my help) has enjoyed more sexual pleasure (that often takes her breath away) than the prior 65 years of her life.

Prior to meeting me, she would infrequently bring herself to orgasm by stimulating her clitoris. Her main purpose was relief of sexual tension. She didn't really enjoy her orgasms that much; they took her energy away, and gave her a "fuzzy head".

In the first couple months of our marriage we were making steady progress with Karezza, but my beloved seemed to have some lingering sexual energy blockages and some emotional baggage from the distant past that she had not yet released. One weekend morning we were able to stay in bed late and I was gently helping her understand and work through her past pain to the point of forgiveness. I had the thought that an orgasm might act as a purge for the release of negative sexual energy. She was open to the idea. I lubed up my index finger and slowly and gently brought her to a shattering orgasm. At the same time, from the depths of her soul came a very loud groan that expressed deep emotional pain. I helped her to another (less dramatic) orgasm and emotional release two days later. After the second orgasm, her sexual energy flowed more freely and a large piece of her emotional baggage from the past was gone.

Five years, two clitoral orgasms, TWO, that's it! ....and my beloved has never been happier or healthier. She's happy because, in the same 5 year period, I move and balance her energy every morning and night with my male energy. Her energy now flows so freely that, often, when she hears my footsteps coming toward her, her energy will move.

About a week ago, I was propped up on one elbow and stroking her tummy as we talked after we made love. I asked if she was ok with me retracting the hood of her clitoris. She agreed, so, as softly as possible, I retracted the hood for a minute or two to have a good look at her very interesting little organ. After that she said that her clitoris then felt slightly irritated. I placed the palm of my hand lightly, without any movement, over the whole area of her mound of venus and clitoris for 3-5 minutes and she then reported that all irritation was gone.



I can relate as well

The 'Hand over her mound' has helped us as well to circulate energy. And like you and emerson allude to, clitoral stimulation can be more of an 'Off' switch than an 'On' switch.

My wife and I, a great while back, bought a device called a 'Womanizer'; odd little device but very effective at giving a quick clitoral orgasm. She had 5 STRONG orgasms very close together. Within 15 minutes she had an intense emotional crash. Night and Day from before the event and after. Needless to say the almost $200 device has yet to be used again, and from that day forward her "Jewel' is lovingly left to be as she is.

Interestingly, the deep feeling she has gained from this softer, stiller way of making love has given her that 'cliteral pleasure' over her WHOLE body at times. So its not so much like we lost anything, as we have taken the sharp sensation of one small area and made it manageable and sustainable over her entire being (and likewise with my energy being retained and spread).

I still feel like a giddy 'SexNerd' with this whole thing. Its exciting, but also kindof pisses me off I NEVER heard any mention of this side of sex growing up! What a waste, and what a shame if others don't have the opportunity to at least CHOOSE from an alternative way.

Marnia, Blissed and Emerson, you guys Rock! Thanks for keeping it Real!

My Best,


Thanks for sharing your story, LaughingHawk

That's an amazing experience. Often, it's only an extreme situation that gets us to the point of questioning ourselves enough to more clearly see the true nature of something. Most of us only change when it's too painful to not change. That's certainly true for me.

Many people that have common sex late in the evening, sleep off the worst effects, so they never get an accurate understanding of the results of repeatedly squandering their energy and essence, day after day, year after year.

Let's continue to share the knowledge of karezza with anyone who will listen. 

All the best to you and your wife!