A New Position -- WOW!! ....and the Lessons Learned

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Usually I wait for a while to report a new breakthrough that we have.

I like to make sure that I clearly understand what's happening and if it's repeatable. Yesterday morning was so amazing, and it builds on our previous experiences with deep relaxation, so I'm sharing it right away. As I shared in my last post, we usually wake each other up gently in the scissors position. We did scissors this morning with many pleasurable moments together.

When we finished, we were both completely relaxed, balanced and ready to rise from our bed and take on the day. I asked my beloved if we could try a new position for a minute or two; with both of us aware that each lovemaking position has its own distinctive energy dynamic. She laid on her left side with her bottom leg straight and her top leg bent and pulled up close to her.

She had a small kink in her back, so she settled a little differently into the bed to eliminate the kink.

I straddled her straight leg on my knees and slowly moved toward her vagina.

She was so relaxed from our earlier lovemaking that I wasn't sure, for a few moments, if I was even inside her when I inserted. When I made a small movement, she let out a groan and pitched around underneath me with energy flowing through her body. I repeated my small movement 2 or 3 times, and each time she responded in a similar way.

Then I gently lifted her upper glute with my fingers, which opened her vagina a bit more (and without intending to, I touched her labia with my fingertips). That was too much!! I went from a steady plateau of about 2, to the point of no return in about 1 second flat, then I withdrew, and had an earthshaking orgasm that I did not seek, but enjoyed while it happened.

The positive thoughts that I took away from the orgasm were how incredible our sensitivity always is because we share our energy instead of throwing it out... and also that I bounce back quickly because I have such a reservoir of love recieved that when an inadvertant orgasm happens it is barely a blip on the radar.

What happened? What was different?

(1) My beloved and I were already deeply relaxed. Our experience has been that the greatest ecstasy comes on the heels of the deepest relaxation.

(2) I think my penis touched the walls of her vagina differently than the three other positions we had settled on and stayed with since our first intercourse.

(3) The energy dynamic of this new position was (at least slightly) different.

(4) Newness may have added to our excitement, so I wasn't as continually conscious as I usually am of my sexual arousal level.

We had previously enjoyed the energy dynamic of modified missionary (with her legs in the air), but it requires too much flexibility, at least until she is able to go to yoga class more regularly.

With both scissors and spoons we are both laying relaxed on our side(s) or back, so the energy was calmer and easier to manage (even though I have often thought that the pleasure I receive from scissors or spoons with my lover would drive me completely out of my mind).

The combination of me on my knees straddling her leg (she has a lot of loving energy in her legs), both of us being already deeply relaxed, our penis and vagina interacting differently than any other time previously, and me opening her vagina a bit more seems to be what turned up the voltage a lot for her (resulting in several beneficial movements of energy all through her body.

I, in turn, was too active when her voltage was flying high, and the voltage I recieved from her very quickly sent me over the edge.

In short, when she's tossing around, the best thing for me to do is act like a statue and send energy up my spine.

My take-away at this point: The next time we repeat this new position after relaxing with scissors I will not make ANY movements during PIV, and I will be careful in the way that I touch her with my hands, and I will give myself whatever time I need for a cautious learning curve.

We are committed to Karezza for life!! It keeps the love and sparkle in our relationship. After five years (and over 3,000 times of joining our bodies together) my favorite name for her vagina is still "the garden of continual delight" and her favorite name for my penis is still "the wand of light with the magnificent head". Kinda tells the whole story, doesn't it?



Thank You

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Your sharing of your naming conventions, how you helped your wife overcome her remnant sexual wounds, your three positions, and this new position are most, most helpful. It is great to learn from successful, experienced folks (and it is also great to hear and learn from mistakes, too).

Again, thank you for sharing. I deeply appreciate it.

Yes, Thanks For Sharing


What a great account of a beautiful experience!

It really helps me, in that I have had the same experience with my wife as well. I have come to think of it as a 'novelty bomb' when we do something new and we both get a little 'spiked'. Its almost like her arousal pulls mine and mine pulls hers and if one of us can pull out of the energy we can dissipate it (skin contact or grounding to the Earth) or we let it run its course and get back on the 'Horse' so to speak with Stillness.

I have found for me, that complete Stillness without music (we still vocalize any pleasure or energy movement) allows us both to 'Feel Into' the sensations more. We often get to a place where the energy flows and we feel almost like a pleasurable feeling of falling as we lie together on the bed, connected.

Blissed, can I ask how you came to find out about Karezza?

Thanks for your post. It really helped me! (I love this forum in that we can see we are not alone!)

Rock On!


Thanks, LaughingHawk

...for your kind words, and for sharing your own experience with me.

It is very encouraging and enlightening to read experiences similar to and different than our own.

Thanks also for the YouTubes that you've been making recently -- I've watched 3 or 4 of them.


RE: my finding Karezza -- It's been a LONG journey. I'm 58 and I found a paper based on Rudolph Von Urban's work when I was in my late teens.

I married in 1988 and we tried "still sex" half heartedly until she lost interest. To try to keep her happy, we resumed regular sex with wonderful orgasms all around. I had no clue about Cupid's Poisoned Arrow!! Our marriage imploded, we were separated for 4 years, and finally divorced in 1999.

I found Sex Perfection by Von Urban about 20 years ago after seeing his work referred to in 4 different Sacred Sex books.

I read Karezza by J. William Lloyd about 15 years ago, but didn't really get it -- I still had orgasm on the brain.

Finally, about 9 years ago I was looking for a PDF of Karezza by Lloyd and found Reuniting. When I read Marnia's articles in tribute to Von Urban I knew I had found my tribe. After I read Cupid's Poisoned Arrow in 2009, I once again had hope that it was possible to have a functional marriage that wouldn't implode like my first one had.

I started courting my wife in 2010. We married in 2012, and the last 5 years have been the best years of my life.

All the Best!




48 hour UPDATE

The original experience I posted about happened on Wednesday morning.

Thursday morning we started our day with scissors, and then joined in the new (for us) position that was so explosive the morning before. It is a very juicy position, and I would not recommend it to anyone brand new to karezza. The energy was a lot more manageable 24 hours later, and my awareness level was very high. My beloved had a few releases and energy movements with scissors, and a few more deep releases and energy movements in our new position. Each sexual position seems to offer some different pleasures along with some different benefits.

This morning (Friday) we started with spoons because we had fallen asleep last night with our chests together. My beloved had a few releases and energy movements. Then we went to scissors, and she had a few more releases and movements of energy. Finally, we went to our new position, and she had a few more deep releases and movements while I rubbed and lightly stroked all the parts of her body that I could reach. My energy was manageable and my level of awareness high. The end result was very deep relaxation and sharp mental focus for both of us.

Our new (to us) position is a little tricky because it's not a straight-on match-up of penis and vagina like many or most positions are. For couples with the woman's vagina positioned forward, (where missionary position is very easy) this position may not even be doable. My wife's vagina is positioned far back and it's still just barely doable (but definitely worth it.) Having a semi-soft penis and a relaxed vagina before you start this position would seem to be the best approach. Any couple that has mastered the art of inserting a softy would probably have the best chance of success. This morning I used my straight index finger to provide a little guidance for my penis when first inserting.

My whole conception of my role in lovemaking seems to have been calibrated a notch higher.

Name for New Position?

blissed, you and your wife like the 'implements' positions: scissors, spoons.

Your new position has you and your wife inline. You move in while she remains still. Maybe you should call it 'slide rule'?

Or, given that it is a follow-on position and you and your wife are well-prepared, 'butter knife'?

Lots of fun, these ancillary-to-Karezza cogitations!

Hi John G.

We were still unsure what to call the new position - until now.

I like "slide rule" and your reasoning for that name. Slide rule it is!

Slide rules are also used for calculation, and this position seems to have sharpened my  focus.

Thanks for your great idea!

All the Best!