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In the book "Foreign Sperm" by Donald Tyler, some interesting questions are raised regarding the potential of sperm. The heart of Tyler's theory is that foreign sperm, any sperm into a woman, and another male's sperm into a man, cause diseases.

If Tyler is correct on any point, the absence of ejaculation during karezza may be a huge benefit to long term health.

A book description, contents, introduction, and conclusion of "Foreign Sperm", under the old title, "The Other Guy's Sperm" is available here --- http://www.davidpratt.info/tyler.htm

A few copies of "Foreign Sperm" for sale can be found here --- https://www.amazon.com/Foreign-Sperm-Donald-E-Tyler/dp/1884981097/ref=sr...

The photo of the back cover (on above link) gives Tyler's background.



Tyler is NOT claiming that there are NO other causes

Tyler is NOT claiming that there are NO other causes for any of the diseases that he writes about. He is simply saying that sperm could be a significant, unrecognized, causitive or contributing factor.

See http://www.wcrf.org/int/cancer-facts-figures/worldwide-data. NOTE: The last grouping is for women alone, after men and women ranked together and men ranked alone.

Worldwide, cervical, endometrial, and ovarian cancers rank #4, #6, and #7 out of the top 25 female cancers. If women did not smoke, in all likelihood, these three cancers of the female reproductive tract would rank #3, #5, and #6.

Semen is typically deposited near the cervix and the sperm migrate from there.

Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men are 17 times more likely to get anal cancer than heterosexual men.

See https://www.cdc.gov/msmhealth/STD.htm

If Tyler is right, sperm could be a contributing factor in anal cancer, and in one or more of the various STDs listed in the above CDC article. Urologists have recognized for 40 years that men who have sex with other men present with disease conditions that are not seen in heterosexual men, as well as several times the incidence of many of the more common STDs than heterosexual men.

Those three female cancers

Those three female cancers don't occur at rates that far exceed other cancers seeming even more removed from sperm.

As for gay men, I'm not sure causation is sufficiently understood so as to take another leap with this hypothesis.

Sperm could be contributory to disease, but so could so many other things. The idea is interesting, but without more it seems just a hypothesis. Although there might be evolutionary reasons for sperm being risky, people tend to get these cancers beyond reproductive age making it harder to validate any potential evolutionary objective.

Perhaps sperm are just foreign bodies that task the immune system which eventually leads to cancer in some.

Many diseases can be due to more than one factor

RE female cancers: Whole food vegans who don't drink or smoke have virtually zero colon, stomach, liver or lung cancer. It would be enlightening to study the case histories of women with any female cancer, who are also vegans or vegetarians and don't drink or smoke.

If colon, stomach, liver and lung cancer were removed from the list due to known lifestyle factors, the
prominence of the female cancers is even more significant.

Hopefully, we won't have to wait several decades for studies that compare karezza women to women exposed to frequent ejaculation. Catholic nuns have NO cervical cancer. Women with several sex partners, and/or who have sex at an early age, have higher rates of cervical cancer. Conservative Jewish women who don't have sex during menstruation, or for a whole week after, have lower rates of cervical cancer. So, there are already some indications in the direction of more or less exposure.

RE gay men: 17 times the rate of anal cancer should provide the incentive to study this whole question much more seriously.

Objective research is often subverted by Big Pharma because billions can be made from a vaccine or some other so-called magic bullet.

Even if sperm, as foreign bodies, simply tip the balance against the immune system's ability to keep up with eliminating renegade or foreign cells, that would be significant. The good news is that we already have the answer: karezza!

Men or women can continue to get these cancers beyond typical reproductive age if their exposure to sperm continues. Men who maintain their health can have active "swimmers" into advanced age. More than one Hollywood celeb has fathered a child while in his 70's. Other men around the world have fathered children in their 80's or 90's. So, the issue is exposure, not age.


The ejaculated sperm are dead cells

It is very likely that sperm that end in the vagina (or anywhere else) and stays there might cause all sorts of illnesses. If we put some other dead, toxic or dirty stuff in there, it might naturally cause illnesses as well. That is why it is not a bad idea for women to have regular vaginal showers using an irrigator - it is a simple act of hygiene.

The ejaculation of sperm in its essence and function can be compared to the discharge of impure blood through the vagina known as menstration. Through the ejaculation the masculine body is trying to purify itself releasing the toxic gonad secrets and getting rid of other toxic elements that otherwise would go into blood. Ejaculation is a kind of emergency valve for men. Hence the commonly accepted medical idea that the sperm cells must be periodically released. Even so, it is still not a natural process; it is a coping strategy that nature came up with.

As to the vaginal cancer in women, I do belive there are several conditions that a human body needs in order to build cancer cells. The primary ones beside the dead sperm cells are probably unhealthy nutrition, stress and anxiety, disfynctions in the endocrine system (especially disruptions in the menstrual cycle), non-supportive attitude to the organs of elimination, self-hate, neglect of the core needs and other self-denying behaviors. Karezza would be the solution to all of it.

The observation that Catholic nuns never have cervical cancer is very intriguing, but it would be very helpful to have some concrete scientific data about it.

Not sure that I follow your thoughts

If ejaculated sperm were dead cells they could not swim through the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes toward the ovum and then penetrate the ovum. Sperm must be alive and active to have any chance of reaching and penetrating the ovum.

Sperm are made from the nutrients carried by the blood to the testicles. Impurities in the blood are removed by the kidneys and liver. The sole purpose of sperm and semen is reproduction.

From my own experience of 5 years, I believe it is possible to live in perfect health without ejaculating for as long as two or three months at a time. I live a very healthy lifestyle, so when I ejaculate inadvertently it is not because my body is detoxing.

In typical autosomal (body) cells, there are 46 chromosomes (23 paired chromosomes). In egg and sperm cells, there are only 23 because each is unpaired; being sex cells, they will only require one set of chromosomes to fertilize or be fertilized and produce a healthy mature cell with 46 chromosomes (23 from egg, 23 from sperm).

One of Dr. Donald Tyler's main theories is that sperm cause disease when they penetrate body cells other than the ovum (egg). If a sperm (with 23 chromosomes) penetrates a typical cell (with 46 chromosomes) it can result in rapid, eratic, uncontrolled cell growth (which is a common description of cancer).

Many men of distinction (superior in mind and body) throughout history have been celebate for long periods of their life, a few for their whole life. I have looked at a few basic books on human physiology through the years, and they all clearly state that unejaculated semen is recycled by the owner's body. A man is constantly producing sperm, so it has to go somewhere if it is not ejaculated.

Men can have very toxic semen like some of the "Gulf War Syndrome" vets that had long term exposure to the oil well fires, but that's just a symptom of extreme complete body toxicity. The solution would be more in the direction of re-opening up all of the body's elimination channels, and only when significant progress is made, then clearing out any toxic semen left with a few ejaculations. Most men are not toxic to that extreme, so if they improved their lifestyle and/or did a complete body detox, their semen quality would automatically improve as a result.

P.S. A word search of "raw food menstruation" will produce some very interesting articles on menstruation.

Rersearch say sperm cells die within a short time after ejaculat

Unfortunately you do not follow my thoughts. May be it is because English is not my native language. Sperm as such ist not dead cells of course. The German gynecologist/urologist Dr. med. Nikolaus Müller says that the ejaculated sperm dies within a very short time in the vagina. This is why so many women are infertile today, it dies instantly if the vaginal enorinment has much acid. If there is not that much acid, 1 sperm might reach the ovum. The millions other sperms will still die, as far as I remember from my anatomy classes, the sperms within a healthy vagina die within several minutes. And what happens to that sperm if it is not washed with urine? It might rot in the vaginal mucus. Now think about the unhealthy vaginal environment many of women already have. This is just disgusting stuff to have inside anyway. Many sexually active women complain about the horrible odor that comes from their vagina direclty after the intercourse, that was not there before the inctercourse. The German meds, like Nikolaus Müller advice doing vaginal showers to wash out this rotten stuff out. My point is more about the importance of the personal hygiene really.

In his book "Männerbuch" Müller says that the nutrients the sperms are made of are to some degree toxic. And these toxins are released via the ejaculation. The more toxins - the more ejaculation is necessary. I am a not a male, but what the urologist Müller says makes perfect sense to me.

Your observation that it is possible to live in perfect health as long as two or three months is very interesting. I am very glad that you live a very healthy life, but I do not see how your argument about you being healthy proves that your body is not detoxing. Dr. Müller would say that of course it does. And you say that you ejaculate inadvertenly which means that even though you are healthy, your body needs to get that material out. "Healthy" is a relative thing. The "perfect" state of health is hardly possible if you live on the planet Earth in the 21 century, especially if you live in the US. I liked the US very much when I was an exchange student there, and I loved it so much, that I even earned a degree in American Studes. But honestly, everything seemed to be toxic there, the food in the cafeteria, the shower gel, toothpaste, cosmetics, even the walls of my dorm room.

Well, all this is just the matter of perspective and I do appreciate your comment very much.

The Tyler's theory makes perfect sense to me. It is very likely that the sperm might cause disease when it penetrates body cells other than the ovum, since it will die sooner or later, or start some sort of unhealthy symbiosis with cells in the vagina. If the sperm penatrates the egg, there will be the process of growth and new life on the way. But the millions of sperms that did not reach the egg will become the dirty rotten stuff that will make the vaginal environment even more unhealthy (and might consequently cause disease).

It goes without saying that the unejaculated semen can be recycled by the owner's body. The teaching of the mystics like Samael Aun Weor, E.P. Blavatsky, R. Steiner are all about the transformation of the unejaculated semen (that they call "life energy", or "waters of life") into spiritual values ("higher energy", "elexir of life"). They call this process "transmutation". So, if the sperm is not ejaculated, but transmutated into this higher energy, the person will experience spiritual growth (he or she will be transforming his/her lust into chastity, the anger will be transformed into humility, envy into benevolence, etc.)

Celebate men and women are not automatically superior in mind and body just because they are celibate. Some of the are, of course. But there have been a lot of celibate psychopats and religious fanatics througout the history as well. Celebate people are only sort of "superior" if they transmutate over long periods and do psychological work on themselves. According to the mystic tradtiion "superior" does not necessarily mean "intellectually superior".

And then you say "The sole purpose of sperm and semen is reproduction", which is what the majority of us would argue. I am sure reproduction is not the sole purpose of the semen. Dr. med. Nicolaus Müller for example explains that its other purpose is spiritual growth. Reproduction is also possible without ejaculation, it is not necessary to "kill" millions of sperm cells if only 1 is necessary for the reproduction. There is a lot of interesesting literature on that. This is what the mystics call the "immaculate conception" I guess.

You're both right

On the one hand, there is a certain common sense obviousness to the fact that ejaculatory sex is not a bad thing; we were designed to do that - wired that way - it is how we evolved - it is necessary for the species to survive. That's why we're programmed to do it, and that's why most people don't give it a second thought; they're just "doin' what comes naturally".

What isn't obvious is that by tuning our instincts to make us obedient reproducers, evolution has strongly weighted our behavior toward reproductive success over individual health and happiness. But this isn't a conscious choice. Most people aren't aware of it as a choice. And the implications are often subtle, lacking adequate science to prove definitively what is going on in aggregate.

Many things have changed in human society over the last few thousand years, resulting in a new environment for human habitation. So much so that our environment now barely resembles the one we faced during the bulk of human evolution. This implies that our genetic programming is steering us in directions that will lead to unhealthy choices in today's environment. For example: we love sugary, fatty foods because they have the most energy in them and food was relatively scarce during early human evolution, and humans being slow and weak had to spend much of their time finding food to survive. We no longer have to find food. We go to the store and buy as much of it as we want to. And companies are making more foods with concentrated sugar and fat because they know we'll buy them. So our programmed instincts are working against us in terms of what kind and how much food we should eat. Hence, we are experiencing an epidemic of obesity.

Maybe the same is true for sex. Mating opportunities are probably more abundant today because we have more leisure time, and we live in areas of dense human population. So we don't have to go find a mate; they are all around us, we just have to pick one, take them to our safe shelter and, with all our free time, get busy; over and over again. Were humans always pair-bonders? Maybe Marnia knows the answer to that one?!? My point is, perhaps our ancient programming around sex is working against us too. Survival and reproduction are no longer the primary challenges they once were, so maybe our genetic programming is leading us astray - to priorities that once made sense but no longer do. In other words, perhaps successful survival and reproduction were so challenging back then that it was worth the costs exacted on us back then. Besides, the costs are relatively subtle, making it not so obvious to most people.

Those of us who have discovered the benefits of Karezza have seen the truth of this anecdotally, but perhaps there are deeper physical implications of frequent ejaculatory intercourse that we just don't know about (the science hasn't been done). It is possible, but I take exception to broad, unsubstantiated theories about the inner-workings of complex biological creatures like humans. It's one thing to keep an open mind. It's another to create theories and pass them off as facts. We really don't know what happens to all the sperm in vaginas. Science has provided many surprises - maybe there is a surprise lurking in there too, just waiting to be discovered??

The parallels between food and sex

are always fascinating to me. Abundance without wisdom can lead to gluttony and trouble.

It seems that one of the largest hurdles to getting objective research funded is that it often goes against powerful financial interests. Billions of dollars a year are made by leaving things just as they are.

Thanks for your thoughts, sender.

Thank you very much!, Love_Flowers

....for explaining your thoughts in much more detail. It helped me to understand you much better.

I completely agree with your thoughts on celebate men and women. Very well spoken!

I would be interested in any further information that you might have on Dr. Nikolaus Müller or his work.

Thanks, I enjoy your posts very much

I have two books by Dr. Nikolaus Müller: "Männerbuch" (Book for men) and "Frauenbuch" (Book for women).

Unfortunately both are in German, printed before or shortly after WW II.

I beleive the books by this author have never been translated in English or any other foreign language, at least not to my knowledge. The material did not really resonate with the people I guess.

I can scan the books for you, if you read German.

sperm stays alive for 72 hours or longer in the female

this is fairly well established.

I am willing to consider that various factors in ejaculatory fluid migrate into the woman and permate various tissues. It may or may not be a bad thing. It may in fact be a wonderful thing that is perhaps just as important in sexual reproduction than having babies.

Sex evolved as a way to fight parasites for eukaryotes. I think that sperm and semen may introduce novel factors into the female body that help the female fight infections and parasites in her life, even absent having a baby. Who knows...

Sex evolved as a way to fight parasites?

Thanks for sharing, I never heard anything like that. Are you positive that this is how sex evolved?

I do not think that sperm introduces novel factors into the female body that help us fight infections, etc. It contradicts everything what I heard from my girl-friends and experienced myself. In fact whose among my friends who do get the sperm regularly insdie have a lot of ovulary infections. Plus that evidence from the German gynecologist Müller, who strongly advised his female patients to do vaginal showers on a daily basis.

The more we understand, the better for all of us

Actually, I believe the immune components in the vagina usually attack the sperm as foreign proteins.

Steven Chang, in his book "The Tao of Sexology" wrote about women that had trouble with excess weight from their husband's frequent ejaculation. The woman often lost weight when her husband started pressing on his perineum during orgasm and sent the semen back up into his own body.

In another direction, some women can go into anaphylactic shock from semen.


Thanks for sharing

Interesting observation about excess weight, and thanks for the website link.

I personally never let sperm inside, I intuitively resist it, and I have never had any infection. I might belong to those 12 % who are allergic to semen, but I am not willing to find out.