The Truth about Human Sexuality? Google's Search Data Is Pretty Revealing

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I am posting this as a piece of NEWS of the current sexual climate.

Although, it's not really news at all, but simply one more confirmation of our society's deep need for karezza.


Google searches can't tell us about true sexual tastes

One of the interesting phenomena I've learned from men recovering from internet porn problems is that it's increasingly common for them to watch porn that is inconsistent with their underlying orientation. This appears to happen because today's porn is what scientists call a supernormal stimulus. The brain actually numbs its sensitivity to pleasure to cope with the excessive stimulation that can result from endless sexual novelty (and genres of porn).

Reuniting is no longer a porn recovery forum, but if you're interested in why the Google article cited above is embarrassingly silly, check out this page: Studies Find Escalation in Porn Users. When researchers finally thought to ask about this phenomenon last year, they found that half of porn users (not necessarily addicts, just users) had escalated to material they formerly found uninteresting or repelling!

Here's another newish study that's relevant here:

Explicit Media Use by Sexual Identity: A Comparative Analysis of Gay, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Men in the United States. Excerpt :

The findings also indicated that many men viewed SEM [sexually explicit material] content inconsistent with their stated sexual identity. It was not uncommon for heterosexual-identified men to report viewing SEM containing  male same-sex behavior (20.7%) and for gay-identified men to report viewing heterosexual behavior in SEM (55.0%). It was also not uncommon for gay men to report that they viewed vaginal sex with  13.9%) and without a condom (22.7%) during the past 6 months.

This study, taken together with others mentioned on that page, debunks the meme that today's porn users eventually "discover their true sexuality" by surfing tube sites, and then stick to only one genre of porn for the rest of time.

The evidence is mounting that streaming digital porn appears to alter sexual tastes in some users, and that this is due to the addiction-related brain change known as habituation or desensitization.