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New Porn Article

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I was surprised today to read an article on (a website that usually touts orgasm as the pinnacle of human expression, freedom, and equality, something that will save the fate of humankind, Earth, and the universe itself) that featured a 23 year-old who writes of his addiction to porn. This is a pretty big break into a status-quo "progressive" news outlet!

23andme DNA Testing

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Since the price has been permanently slashed from $299 to $99,I have decided to test my DNA through for genetic defects in my DNA, particularly related to methylation.

I have been reading a lot about it through various websites and forums, and many people who have similar symptoms to me are helped in determining if they have defects in the genes related to methylation. Dopamine and serotonin regulation, as well as heart palpitations and chronic fatigue are some possible associated issues with methylation malfunctioning.


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I wonder what is wrong with me...

It has been a long time since I realized orgasms/masturbation/porn were part of my problems, about a year, really. Since then I have been able to live on my own again, but have struggled with many things.

Rainbow Serpent

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So while reading Cupid's Poisoned Arrow I was extremely pleased to read come across the Rainbow Serpent blurb. Truth be told, about a month ago I dreamt of some very colorful snakes that kept rising up from the ground near me. I knew the dream was extremely symbolic and was blown away to read that indigenous cultures often referred to the rainbow serpent in terms of sexual energy. Rising serpent = taking the sexual energy up into the heart? What a great message to dream of when overcoming a masturbation addiction.

120 days - Goal Reached!

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So I actually made it 4 months of no PMO aside of three wet dreams. I am very excited! Though my body has not completely healed, I feel really good that I was able to get this far. My anxiety has gone down considerably, I do not get as sick as I used to, and my confidence is a lot higher than it used to be. I feel stronger, mentally and physically. Some days my libido is very high, and if I do meet a foxy lady I will most assuredly be ready to explore.

Day 84 - Another Wet Dream

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I had my second ever wet dream last night, eight days after the first one. One common factor is that I ate or drank stuff that I do not normally put in my body. The first time was sparkling cranberry juice, which is probably loaded with lots of additives, and the second time I ate two Larabars. Excess nuts, dates, apples or raisins probably did me in.

Day 76 - First Ever Wet Dream, Is This Normal?

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I guess I should not be surprised that I finally ejaculated while sleeping/semi sleeping for the first time in my life. After all, it had been 76 days of no orgasms, and my libido has been stronger ever since I have been more active lately. Even so, I was rather surprised to wake up finding my hand rubbing my crotch while having an orgasm.

Day 39 - Random Thoughts

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Hello, all! This is day 39 of no PMO.

My libido has been mildly strong this week. It is still sporadic, however, but I do not really think a completely consistent, raging libido is likely or normal, so this is good. Sometimes I wake up with erections, and I have also been getting random erections around 2 or 3 PM.