120 days - Goal Reached!

Submitted by Bob The Builder on
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So I actually made it 4 months of no PMO aside of three wet dreams. I am very excited! Though my body has not completely healed, I feel really good that I was able to get this far. My anxiety has gone down considerably, I do not get as sick as I used to, and my confidence is a lot higher than it used to be. I feel stronger, mentally and physically. Some days my libido is very high, and if I do meet a foxy lady I will most assuredly be ready to explore. I will be nearby to my female friend who I have cuddled lots with in the past (and had lots of karezza-esque discussions with lately via phone) this coming summer, so if nothing happens between then and now I will at least have that physical contact to look forward to. In the meantime I have been enjoying lots of cuddle puddles and massage trains (gotta love seasonal jobs in residential communities) with others who are near. It helps, for sure.

Even so, my body is still rather out of whack. I am thinking about getting some blood tests done to check out some of my hormone levels. It couldn't hurt...

But really, 120 days? Huzzah! Also, I plan on continuing my abstinence from PMO for the forseeable future, especially since I still have some health issues. Thinking about it, my body is probably still healing given how much stress it went through. Have others had this issue?


thats great ... my longest

thats great ... my longest streak of no PMO is 56 days .... i really wish i could go on for that long again but i just cant resist masturbating ... my recent best streak is 19 days and recently its been a once a week MO schedule or i might get two nuts in one sitting cuz one is never enough ..... the only thing good about this shit is that i MO but NEVER watch porn ... prolly only watched that shit 4 times in a total of 6 mins since i started this reboot back in last august .... u must be mentally very strong to go a 120 day im very impressed ... u should look at it like this ... another 2 months thats half a yr and only god knows wat benefits ur goin to experience by that such long period of abstinence .... have any ed issues?

Bravo Bob!

Glad to hear about the cuddling and the benefits. Let us know when you test drive your equipment and I'll write up a Rebooting Account for you. kiss

Hope the tests are useful. Tell us what you learn.