Day 28 - Dreams

Submitted by Bob The Builder on
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It has been four weeks now of no PMO! I am almost nearing my previous record (between four and five weeks, I think).

Anyways, during the first couple of weeks I think I dreamt about every single girl I have ever dated or even had friendships with. These dreams definitely had sexual tension, though there was never any sex or romance - The girls were simply characters in my dream and I felt very attracted to them. Since then, the sexual tension/withdrawal/desire for orgasm has decreased significantly. And with time, I have been experiencing morning wood at different intensities throughout the past couple of weeks.

Last night I dreamt that I was masturbating to porn and when I woke up I had a strong erection. I do not recall ever dreaming about masturbating to porn before in my dreams. This is actually promising to me because it shows that I still have lots of healing to go in my brain. It sounds paradoxical, I know, but I find this as a good thing because I have been feeling rather drained lately and was wondering (more like hoping since I have been playing medical detective for the past two years) if it had anything to do with my abstinence from PMO. Since I did dream of masturbation, I feel it does indeed have to do with abstaining from PMO.

On a random note, I have found that yogurt (preferably from raw milk, or at least organic, full fat kind) significantly reduces my anxiety. I believe that I have an imbalance of good to bad bacteria in my digestive tract because the anxiety increases dramatically when I eat more carbs and less yogurt.